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Automate assigning products to categories

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Save time & hassle

Reduce the manual overhead of assigning products to categories by creating a rule for each category and let automation do the work. Select from a range of product attributes, e.g. Name, Description, SKU, Sale Price, Brand and more.

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14-day free trial

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Manually assigning products to categories is tedious and error-prone.

With Automated Categories, you set up the product conditions once and our automation will handle assigning products to categories. Spend less time managing your product catalogue, and more time growing your store.

Unlock a wide range of category automation

30 seconds after a single-click install you can:

  • Create a “Sale” category with all products with a sale price
  • Create a “Pushchair” category with all products that have a certain SKU prefix.
  • Create a Brand category with all products matching a specific brand.
  • Create a “Last few remaining” category with all products that have less than 10 stock left.
  • Create a “Jewellery” category with any product with a custom field named “carat”
  • Instantly reflects new and updated products

Instantly updates when your products do

Create an automated New In Category

Products will be moved to the appropriate categories in real-time. The next time you update a product, e.g. removing a sale price, it’s instantly removed from the “Sale” category.

Avoid the time-consuming process of manually updating products in BigCommerce admin or wrangling spreadsheets for import. Set up the product rule for a category once and get on with growing your store.

This app is brought to you by Space 48, BigCommerce Agency Partner of the Year, EMEA, in 2020 & 2021.

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