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Naylors Magento responsive site

About Naylors

Established by Derrick Naylor in 1965, Naylors are now one of the UK’s leading equestrian fashion retailers and became an online business in 2010. The website underwent a complete redesign in 2011 and moved on to the Magento platform to take advantage of its feature-rich capabilities. In the first quarter of 2013, the site was redesigned to be responsive and was also moved on to the Enterprise platform.

The challenge

The new responsive website needed to meet the following objectives:

1. Increase conversion across all screen sizes
2. Retain visual simplicity
3. Increase awareness of customer services and security
4. Improve merchandising
5. Reduce scroll distance to reach products

The solution

1. Increase conversion across all screen sizes

This was one of the key objectives of the redesign. By making the site responsive this enabled Naylors to appeal to a wider audience and maximise on conversion. The website now works across all devises (mobile, iPad, tablets etc) and the content stays consistent whether you’re viewing on a full width screen or a mobile. The checkout process was vastly improved through a better UX and reduction in checkout steps. Layered navigation was also enhanced by introducing collapsible filters.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 14.38.13.png

2. Retain visual simplicity

Like with most fashion eCommerce sites, imagery is king. Naylors wanted to make use of large product images, sliders and marketing blocks to showcase their products. We introduced a new font (Open Sans) and retained their brand colours of yellow and black. White space was optimised to keep the site looking clean and modern.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 14.38.46.png

3. Increase awareness of customer services and security

Promoting things such as their free delivery policy was achieved through the inclusion of marketing blocks and improved information pages. The security of the site was enhanced through the inclusion of payment card icons, padlocks and the Verisign trust seal.

4.Improve merchandising

The merchandising of the site was another key area Naylors were keen to improve upon. The introduction of a mega menu meant that products and promotions could be placed within the menu and customers could click directly through to a specific item. The layout of the product page was improved by introducing tabs and adding a related products CMS block. In addition to the enhanced Brands module, we built a New and Sales module and integrated them in to the website to enable automatic segregating of new and sales items. A shipping estimator was integrated to enable customers to enter their location criteria in order to receive an estimated shipping date.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 14.39.27.png

5.Reduce scroll distance

The previous Naylors site required quite a bit of scrolling, specifically on the home page, category and product pages. By creating a smaller, less cluttered footer throughout this warranted more space for a bigger slider and product images. The 'about us’ text was also removed from the homepage and given it’s own page. The vertical kerning on the category pages text was reduced and the previous container border was removed to allow for more space. Adding tabs to the product pages allowed for better placement of product information reducing scrolling considerably. Layered navigation was improved by adding collapsible filters, which meant less scrolling for the customer.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 14.40.19.png

Other features of the new design included integration with Feefo, a customer product review system; a Wishlist feature on the product page and a basket drop down to allow customers to review their basket as they go along.

The results

The site has so far generated very positive feedback from both Naylors and their customers alike. Since going live at the end of March, the site has seen some fantastic results.

The following stats are taken year on year from 2nd - 22nd April 2012 against 2nd-22nd April 2013:

Non-mobile & tablets

Pages per visit: 19.71% increase
Avg visit duration: 15.41% increase
Bounce rate: 11.40% decrease
Revenue: 192% increase
Transactions: 101.54% increase
Conversion rate: 35.81% increase


Pages per visit: 43.26% increase
Avg visit duration: 51.96% increase
Bounce rate: 29.65% decrease
Revenue: 870.55% increase
Transactions: 636.35% increase
Conversion rate: 85.76% increase



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