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Top 5 mistakes that Twitter business users make

If you've been reading the blog for a while, you'll know how in favour I am of Twitter, and just how generally excited I get about it, but there are some distinct mistakes that companies make with their account. Here's my top 5 mistakes to avoid at all costs.

  1. Only linking to your own blog. This is so easy to do, particular if you have a feed set up which links your blog automatically, but please make the effort to link to other sites and other people's blogs. Aim to give your followers interesting content that will make them likely to keep following you.
  2. Not engaging with other users. Twitter is meant to be a reciprocal conversation, meaning it should not just be a one way conversation with you just putting out the links. Comment on other people's links and retweet. A good strategy is to aim to connect with (whether it's retweeting or posting) 2 other people per day.
  3. Not customising your Twitter profile. Well, why wouldn't you? It's free, and yes, it's another online shop front for you business, it should reflect your brand, just as your website does.
  4. Only Tweeting once a week. How can you expect people to take notice of your tweets if you only tweet once in a blue moon? Take, what 10 minutes, spread across each day, to post a couple of interesting tweets or to reply to other tweeters. Twitter is not a lengthy process, but by not taking a few minutes each day, you may as well not have a Twitter account at all.
  5. Not sharing your Twitter profile on your website. Hm, if your not sharing your Twitter profile on your site, it's almost pointless you having an account in the first place. As with all of your other social media tools which I'm sure your all using such as Facebook or Linkedin, you should have a link to all of your profiles, making it easy for clients or prospective clients to keep in touch with you (or to decide whether to use your services).

Hopefully, this has given you some pointers as to how you'll manage your Twitter page, but if you'd still like some advice, feel free to give one of our social media experts a call on 0161 710 3740.


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