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Using upsell products in Magento

As an ecommerce business, you’ll naturally want to sell more. With a solid marketing strategy and a seamless on-site user experience, you’re well...

Sitelink Extensions

Are you using sitelink extensions to their full potential?

Sitelink extensions are a type of ad extension, and offer an easy way to help potential...

Product listing ads and Magento stores

How can Google’s PLAs Help to deliver incremental revenue to my Magento ecommerce store?

Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs) can be the single...

Is digital going native?

What Is Native Advertising?

A look back at 2013 with Jon Woodall, MD at Space 48

One morning in 2008, Jon woke up and decided he wanted to head up his own web company. On 28th June last year, Jon woke up with a raging hangover,...

Jon at Magento Live 2013

Two weeks ago, some of our team attended Magento Live in London, where our very own MD, Jon, joined Magento’s Roy Rubin on stage to discuss how...

Magento Live 2013

On Tuesday our office seemed oh so quiet, as five of the Space 48 team attended Magento Live in London, this year sponsored by UKFast and Bronto...

Space 48 win a Big Chip Award!

We won't beat around the bush. You can probably guess from the headline. Yes, we won.

7 good reasons to redesign your ecommerce site

If you have an online shop then you will be all too familiar with the need to keep your site fresh and inline with current standards and trends....

15 reasons to go responsive in 2013

What is responsive design?

Naylors Magento responsive site

About Naylors

Established by Derrick Naylor in 1965, Naylors are now one of the UK’s leading equestrian fashion retailers and became an online...

10 things to consider for basket abandonment emails

We recently talked about the main reasons behind basket abandonment and the best practices to prevent it from happening. One of the most important...

The EU cookie law - not so tasty!

The time is now upon us, and the 'grace period' for implementing site changes to comply with the new EU Cookie Law has come to an end, some site...

8 tips to remember before you build an ecommerce store

Unfortunately, you don't just build an online store, without any thought, and immediately be inundated with orders and customers. E-commerce shops...

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