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stock-photo August 25, 2017

5 key takeaways from UKFast’s webinar on Black Friday trends

November 24th might sound a long way off, but ecommerce businesses will already be working on their Black Friday strategies. The Black Friday weekend is a snowballing seasonal engagement opportunity for retailers.

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stock-photo August 22, 2017

Split testing best practices for ecommerce businesses

Split testing in ecommerce is more important now than ever. It’s not enough to simply limit your testing to basic A/B tests on call to action (CTA) button colour, size and positioning. You need to test a whole host of […]

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stock-photo August 18, 2017

GDPR in ecommerce: opportunity or pain in the £$$?

Conversion rates, UX and revenue are all metrics that savvy ecommerce retailers hold dear. They’re also elements many ecommerce businesses are worried about being significantly impacted by the roll out of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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stock-photo August 16, 2017

Don’t miss the #EcommerceClinic on personalisation with special guest, Nosto!

Just two weeks left to go until our free 30-minute webinar and live Q&A on ‘Nurturing Customers with Personalisation’ – 12pm BST, Thursday 31st August. The webinar will offer advice on how to effectively execute your personalisation strategy for ecommerce […]

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stock-photo August 15, 2017

Troubleshooting your Magento 2 website

Having some teething problems with your Magento 2 website? Maybe you’ve stumbled across some issues and haven’t got adequate experience or support to get your ecommerce website back on track. Never fear, Space 48 is here!

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stock-photo August 5, 2017

Boost your ecommerce website performance with customer reviews and UGC

User-generated content (UGC) is becoming increasingly crucial for retailers and adding customer reviews to your ecommerce website is all part of delivering good customer experience.

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stock-photo August 4, 2017

Join our #EcommerceClinic webinar on personalisation – 12pm BST, 31st August

Nurturing customers with personalisation – live Q&A with Nosto Want to increase conversions and customer retention? Don’t miss the chance to join us on Thursday 31st August for our free 30-minute webinar and live Q&A on personalisation, relevancy and recommendations. […]

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stock-photo July 28, 2017

How to increase revenue with great customer experience

Good customer experience (CX) is important as it increases performance, leading to more conversions and acquisitions. Creating great customer experience is about making your ecommerce website (and associated channels) the go-to place for your ideal customers. It’s also about utilising […]

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magento-1-2 July 18, 2017

Magento 2 versus Magento 1: key benefits and performance improvements (infographic)

For growing businesses with big ambitions, the scalability and customisation made possible within Magento 2 makes it a game-changing ecommerce solution. Magento 2 offers increased performance levels, improved security, and almost limitless customisation, whilst giving ecommerce businesses the potential to […]

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magetitans July 12, 2017

Highlights from Mage Titans Valencia 2017

As an experienced web developer with over 5 years of experience working with Magento, I recently moved from Madrid to Manchester to work at Space 48. Space 48 are an amazing team and having settled in well, I was delighted […]

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stock-photo July 11, 2017

The ecommerce lifecycle and the three stages of growth

As an ecommerce consultancy that has developed successful strategies for numerous well-known brands, Space 48 and its development team has been through countless business growth journeys. Although there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for lasting success in retail, as every brand’s requirements […]

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magento July 8, 2017

Key highlights from MagentoLive UK 2017

#MLUK17 In the midst of Mage Titans Italy and Mage Titans Spain, a number of the team attended MagentoLive UK in London, 27-28th June. With over 900 attendees this was Magento’s biggest MagentoLive event to date and provided the perfect […]

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stock-photo July 7, 2017

Avoid data migration issues with Magento 2

As experienced ecommerce experts, our Magento developers understand that moving from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is more than merely a migration process. It’s a whole replatforming project and, subsequently, data migration is not straightforward.

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office-space-48 June 29, 2017

Space 48 head office is moving to Manchester

You may have already heard the exciting news, but just in case you haven’t… Space 48’s head office is moving to Manchester city centre – a buzzing hive of digital in the North!

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stock-photo June 23, 2017

New Trends and Technology Shaping Ecommerce Business Strategies

Within the ever-evolving digital landscape, ecommerce businesses are continually under pressure to meet the fast-moving expectations of modern consumers, amidst advancing technology and innovation trends.

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stock-photo June 19, 2017

Digital Underground Guide to MagentoLive UK 2017

MagentoLive UK is the largest Magento event in Europe, happening in London later this month (27th-28th June 2017). The event offers an exciting opportunity for retailers to connect with ecommerce experts, including merchants, system integrators, technology partners and specialist development […]

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stock-photo June 16, 2017

Magento 2 tutorial: admin panel walk-through

Magento 2 versus Magento 1 admin panel

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stock-photo June 15, 2017

Improving UX: understanding product attributes

As Magento developers, brands come to us with ecommerce websites in all sorts of different conditions. A common area in need of improvement is product attribution. Merchants must listen to customers to create the best possible browsing experience and route […]

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stock-photo June 8, 2017

How to turn browsers into buyers on your ecommerce website

Picture the following scenario: You’ve got great products, a powerful ecommerce platform and you’re achieving high levels of traffic. So, what’s the problem? Your conversion rate is low and you want to turn more of your browsers into buyers. We’re […]

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space-48-office June 7, 2017

Why a collaborative discovery process is key to ecommerce project success

When embarking on an ecommerce project with your chosen development agency, you’ll enter into a “Discovery” process. This is where the partnership between brand and developer forms and the collaboration begins. It enables both parties to be on the same […]

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magetitans June 1, 2017

Tony Brown announced to speak at MagentoLive UK

MagentoLive UK is the largest Magento event in Europe, happening in London on the 27th-28th June 2017. The event offers an exciting opportunity to connect with ecommerce experts, including merchants, development agencies, system integrators and technology partners.

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stock-photo May 19, 2017

Join us for #TalkMagento webinar – 12pm BST, 25th May

Free webinar for retailers considering replatforming to Magento 2

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stock-photo May 17, 2017

5 key benefits of Magento Social for your ecommerce business

One of the key takeaways from the recent 2017 Magento Imagine conference in Las Vegas was the emergence of Magento Social. It was a welcome announcement for Magento users and a timely solution for merchants seeking an easy and effective […]

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stock-photo May 12, 2017

Discussing the Fundamentals of Effective UX Design

As Space 48 Creative Director, Anna Green is responsible for the design and UX (user experience) of our award-winning ecommerce websites. She communicates with customers, project managers and developers to deliver website designs with the user’s best interest at their […]

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stock-photo May 10, 2017

How to rescue your Magento 2 ecommerce project

Selecting the right platform for your ecommerce website alone is not a guarantee of success. Working with experienced developers who have specialist knowledge of your chosen platform and have an agile and collaborative approach is key to building successful ecommerce […]

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magento-masters May 5, 2017

Key insights from Magento Imagine 2017

In an industry as fast-paced as ours, ecommerce platforms and technologies are ever-evolving to improve functionality and user experience. At Space 48 we value training and events to ensure our people are at the cutting edge of these changes, such […]

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stock-photo April 28, 2017

Key questions to ask of your ecommerce development agency

When tendering for a big ecommerce project, such as replatforming or migrating your ecommerce store, things should be as transparent as possible with your potential developers. You need to be clear about your requirements and expectations to help ecommerce development […]

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magento-experts April 27, 2017

Jon Woodall announced to speak at Meet Magento NL

Meet Magento is an organization which supports Magento users worldwide. Meet Magento events are open to all companies using Magento commerce or considering using the platform. They offer retailers the perfect opportunity to connect with Magento merchants, developers and agencies, […]

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stock-photo April 25, 2017

May #TalkMagento webinar – what to consider when replatforming to Magento 2

12pm BST, Thursday 25th May We recently asked our readers what Magento 2 topic they would be interested in discussing during our #TalkMagento webinar. Based on our poll, the overall consensus for May’s webinar topic was ‘What to consider when […]

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stock-photo April 5, 2017

How to create an omnichannel customer experience with Magento 2

The term “omnichannel” is often overused and misunderstood, creating an omnichannel vs multichannel debate. When it comes to ecommerce and retail, creating shopping experiences across multiple channels for the modern consumer is important. But to truly connect with consumers and […]

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space-48 March 30, 2017

Magento 2 performance training with Vinai Kopp

At Space 48, we believe in continuous improvement every day. Although contentment is a nice state to be in, you can’t afford to stand still in ecommerce. We think it’s important to stay above the curve and be the first […]

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magento March 24, 2017

Meet our website development leads

When planning large-scale projects for your ecommerce business, such as replatforming or migrating your ecommerce website and selecting a suitable platform, choosing the right developers to work with is crucial. Here we give you an exclusive chance to hear from […]

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stock-photo March 23, 2017

Magento Imagine 2017 preview: mini guide to Magento’s key ecommerce event

The big event is fast approaching! It’s less than 2 weeks until Magento Imagine – even less time if you’re attending MageHackathon or #PreImagine – and we hope you’re as excited about it as we are! We’ve put together this […]

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stock-photo March 17, 2017

Most common mistakes with Magento 2 websites and how to avoid them

Magento 2 is a high-powered, modern and flexible platform enabling ecommerce businesses to deliver innovative integrated omnichannel consumer experiences. This is thanks to Magento 2’s groundbreaking performance levels, vast scalability and almost endless customisation capabilities. However, if best practices are […]

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stock-photo March 15, 2017

Biggest missed opportunities in ecommerce revealed

As an experienced ecommerce consultancy and award-winning developer of Magento and Magento 2 websites, we see so many missed opportunities holding brands back and hindering their progress.

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stock-photo February 27, 2017

4 things to consider when selecting Magento 2 payment gateway integrations

When setting up and developing a Magento 2 ecommerce store, customer payment is often a factor that raises most concern and apprehension for business owners. Choosing which payment methods to offer, whether to store customer payment details on your store […]

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stock-photo February 24, 2017

6 ways to streamline your customer checkout to increase conversions

Getting customers to the checkout stage on your ecommerce store requires easy navigation, quality product display, well-structured categorisation and clear calls to action. Achieving a high conversion rate relies on an optimised checkout process.

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stock-photo February 14, 2017

6 strategic ways to improve your ecommerce store’s performance

As experienced developers of Magento stores, we know that having a great brand and quality products does not automatically equate to a successful ecommerce business. Merchants must work hard to meet the high expectations of today’s savvy consumers.

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magetitans February 10, 2017

Tony Brown appointed as a Magento Master

With such a strong and assiduous community like no other, Magento certainly has a lot to thank its community members for. There really is a true sense of unification, members actively engage with others to share ideas, insights and feedback, […]

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stock-photo February 6, 2017

The golden rules of ecommerce replatforming

Successful ecommerce businesses are agile and able to pivot when circumstances change and technological advances or customer trends demand it. Moving platforms is often required to make the necessary strides forward with your business. However, with replatforming comes a certain […]

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