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stock-photo June 19, 2015

Stock management and Magento integration

Linking your Magento website to your retail business systems doesn’t have to be a headache, you just need the right team behind you. Here, I will talk you through a recent ‘mission critical’ project for one of our customers, an […]

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stock-photo June 12, 2015

Front-end toolkit

Front-end – the tools of my trade Ben, our front-end designer and (very thorough) quality analyst & tester, has put together a little list of the tools that he regularly uses. As there are so many tools available there’s not […]

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stock-photo June 10, 2015

Front-end development and automation

How do you approach your development?

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stock-photo June 4, 2015

Google sitelink extensions

A powerful optimisation tool for any PPC account. Sitelinks allow you to include additional information to your Google search ads, in the form of links to specific pages. When a customer clicks on an ad they are usually taken to […]

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June 1, 2015

B2B ecommerce – what’s the difference?

We speak to many retailers and it is surprising how many feel that there is a distinct difference between a B2B site and a consumer facing retail site.

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stock-photo May 26, 2015

Content marketing for Naylors equestrian

The power of content Naylors are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of equestrian fashion. By working very closely with them (we love a bit of team work) we have played a significant part in ensuring they doubled revenues across […]

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stock-hoto May 21, 2015

Google call extensions

An alternative touch point for your customers. You can no longer include your phone number in the basic ad copy, thereby encouraging you to now make the most of the call extension facility found in the ad extensions tab.

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upfront-2015 May 20, 2015

UpFront conference

Our Day . . . The Space48ers arrived nice and early for a fun day!

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stock-photo May 18, 2015

Google callout extensions

Are you making the most of them? Like all ad extensions, callouts allow you to include additional text with your search ads. These bullet points of information are not clickable and are simply there to add value. Callouts appear in […]

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upfront-2015 May 15, 2015

UpFront conference – see you there?

The competition Let’s be upfront about it! Its been sneaking up on us, and in less than four days it’s the Up Front Conference. The best conference in the north for front-end designers, well, anyone that makes for the web […]

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photo-stock May 12, 2015

Google ad extensions

An introduction: Create more reasons to click on your ad!

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phone-stock May 8, 2015

Social branding

The 2nd in series of visual language, ‘everything covered’. So yesterday I reminisced on that old saying ‚Äòa picture is worth a thousand words’, my musings peppered with psychologically-based quotes from research. Today, let’s talk about your brand, the online […]

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stock May 7, 2015

Visual language

Social images, everything covered! They say that a ‚’A picture is worth a thousand words’ So why doesn’t everyone take advantage?

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laptop-stock May 6, 2015

Magento enterprise upgrade

A backend point of view So, a client approaches you and asks, ‚Äòcan we update our Magento store?’ Obviously, you immediately answer with a ‚Äúyes‚Äù. Not because they are a long-standing, devoted client or because you really like them, but […]

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laptop May 5, 2015

7 ecommerce touch points

Improving your customer journey . . . Working collaboratively with our design team to create an eCommerce theme which combines quality, functionality, and user experience comes naturally. It is ‘how’ we can convey as much personality and character as possible […]

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photo May 1, 2015

Opinions of a savvy shopper

Where I like to shop online and why . . . In this post I am going to talk about four eCommerce websites that I regularly use and their strengths. Im also going to share some insights into how I […]

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coins April 30, 2015

4 website extras to increase ecommerce conversions

Convert browsers into buyers! There are a number of ways to increase the conversion rate of your eCommerce website. I have selected four which I’ve seen work well together to create urgency, build reassurance, increase revenue, and speed up the […]

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big-chip April 29, 2015

Big Chip awards 2015

Great news everyone! We are so very pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for TWO Big Chip awards this year. This year we are up for the title of ‘The Best E-business Project’ for our work with Better […]

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ipad April 28, 2015

POS in-store experience

Utilising Magento to enhance the in-store shopping experience We are entering an age of huge shifts in point of sale (POS) technologies. Gone are the days of the typical old cash register – big, bulky equipment that everyone can familiarise […]

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photo-of-book April 27, 2015

Team training with Evolve

We live in a very fast-paced world; The reality is that we are in a state of constant learning but I for one feel very lucky to be part of a team where we are given the opportunity to really […]

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social-header April 24, 2015

Social profiles for business

The right balance of consistency and variation As we are all aware, social platforms are the perfect marketing tool for business. Businesses aren’t just using one social platform, they are using several in order for their brand message to reach […]

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URL April 23, 2015

URL breadcrumbs on Google

Mobile optimisation Performing a Google search on a mobile device, until now, has yielded the title, the URL and the meta data or a snippet of text taken directly from the landing page.

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customer-care April 22, 2015

Social customer care

The landscape is changing. If you have an eCommerce shop it’s good to take a minute and put yourself into the shoes of your customer. Let’s think about the journey they take.

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conversion-rules April 21, 2015

Conversion rules! In Pictures.

Take a look back…

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product April 20, 2015

Product not displaying on Magento front-end

“My product is not displaying” is a frequent query we receive from our customers. Even if you use Magento day in and day out it is sometimes easy to overlook issues, so here are a number of elements we suggest […]

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google-mobile April 17, 2015

Google mobile-friendly fixes

Not ready for the Google changes? Testing your site on Google Mobile Friendly and then finding a big red ERROR! Uh oh…

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product April 16, 2015

Category not displaying in Magento navigation

Problem solving: You have created a new category and it won’t display in the navigation; There are a couple of things you can check yourself in the Magento admin. Here is our checklist on how to ensure the category is […]

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magento April 15, 2015

Making the most of Magento Enterprise

We have the pleasure of talking to a wide range of exciting businesses about their Magento solutions.

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tech-ecom April 14, 2015

Tech & Ecomm Awards 2015

The shortlist has been announced! The much anticipated Tech & Ecomm Awards shortlist has been aired. We submitted our entry in March with our re platform for Better Bathrooms, and are delighted to have been awarded the recognition for this. […]

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google-mobile April 13, 2015

Google mobile-friendly changes

Is your site mobile-friendly? Whether you’re accessing the internet for research purposes or browsing your favourite eCommerce site, mobile is evidently the port of choice. As the usage patterns of people accessing the internet via their mobile device continue to […]

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content-marketing April 10, 2015

Content marketing for ecommerce – outreach

Using social media and PR to boost your website There are many elements to factor in when devising a content marketing strategy. In the first two instalments of our three-part series on content marketing for eCommerce, we examined onsite content […]

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london-bridge April 9, 2015

Magento meetup London

An analytical approach to optimising your PPC campaigns Last week three of our team; Jon Woodall (Managing Director), Oliver Lees (Head of Insight) and Alex Shepherd (Commercial Director), attended the Magento Meetup London. Space 48 are one of Magento’s twelve […]

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woman-hand April 8, 2015

Becoming Google certified

Our latest post ‚ÄòThe Benefits of Becoming a Google Certified Shop’ provided you with tonnes of reasons why you would want to become certified. If you are a business owner and aware of these vast benefits, then I know the […]

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woman-hand April 7, 2015

Google certified – the benefits

Seal of approval With the latest buzz-phrase being ‘social proof’, we can’t help but ask – is your business doing enough to prove itself to your audience and have the edge over competitors?

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magetitan April 2, 2015

An interview with Vinai Kopp

Every 6 week’s we’re lucky enough to undergo frequent developer training with Magento superstar, Vinai Kopp. Vinai spends a couple of days at a time offering intensive back end and more recently front end training, to a number of our […]

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unit-testing April 1, 2015

What is CRO testing?

And what does it mean for my business? CRO is short for Conversion Rate Optimisation and is the practice of improving user experience with the aim of increasing the percentage of visitors to your website that convert to customers. This […]

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laptop March 31, 2015

Responsive, mobile & everything in between

How will your website respond to 2015? Its been awhile since we wrote ‚15 reasons to go responsive in 2013‚ and a few things have evolved in that time, so we are re-visiting the dizzying subject that is responsive web […]

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phone March 26, 2015

Debugging tools for mobile

Is your ecommerce site ready for mobile? You can’t ignore it, the stats are rising.

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graduates March 25, 2015

Graduates. What do you want?

Walk up to any stranger in the street and ask them: “What do you want to do with your life?”

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conversion-rules March 24, 2015

Conversion rules!

Panel discussion Consisting of: Isaac Moshe (Moderator) – Marketing Director, Nosto Jonathan Bowers – Managing Director, UKFast Kestrel Lemen – Marketing Strategist, Bronto Sara Mulvey – Marketing Director, Black Sheep Wools Andrew McClelland – Head of Industry Insight, IMRG Isaac […]

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