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We are an award-winning agency who believe in continuous improvement, every day. Our aim is to connect, collaborate, and contribute within the development community. Offering a valuable opportunity to work with experienced developers and progress quickly within the ranks.

In order to provide the best training to our team and the wider developer community, we run an open event called Mage Titans which brings together developers from all over the world for a day of talks and workshops. Mage Titans is currently running in five different countries and is the highlight of the year for many veteran developers.

Space 48 Graduate Scheme

Magento 15.08.17

Troubleshooting your Magento 2 website

Having some teething problems with your Magento 2 website? Space 48’s Technical Director and revered Magento Master, Tony Brown, offers …

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Magento 18.07.17

Magento 2 versus Magento 1: key benefits and performance improvements (infographic)

A handy infographic highlighting the key benefits and performance improvements of Magento 2 versus Magento 1, ideal for anyone considering …

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Magento 07.07.17

How to avoid data migration issues when replatforming to Magento 2

Space 48 Technical Director and Magento Master, Tony Brown, discusses 5 best practices for migrating data to Magento 2 and …

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Magento 16.06.17

Magento 2 tutorial: admin panel walk-through

Here we talk you through some of the design and navigation changes in the key areas within the Magento 2 …

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