Better Bathrooms: A custom-built Magento site that grew AOV by 27%.

What did a sector-leading retailer need when launching a national TV campaign? A superior ecommerce site. Better than they had before.

But a technologically robust site can only take a merchant so far. Because If the user experience isn’t straightforward, you’ll never make a sale. Especially with curious new customers. Fortunately, for Better Bathrooms, Space 48 knew that already.

In 2012, Better Bathrooms was one of the largest UK retailers in their vertical. And boasted over 8000 SKUs of the best bathroom products in the biz – for a better price.

Supported by 450 employees, Better Bathrooms had been leading the way since 2006, with their growth and scale only to be enhanced by an upcoming national TV campaign. They knew that to meet the demands of this exciting marketing investment, they needed a site that would stand the test of time.

Fidelity – an intricate, performance-based, custom build migrated to Magento Enterprise with no handicap to site health or profits. Phew.

Technically advanced functionality at the core.

Better Bathrooms’ original online store was rich in detail and functionality. Complex purchase journeys need complex technologies, after all. But heavy-duty technologies take their toll on-site stability if implemented poorly. And Better Bathrooms didn’t want to lose any functions from their old site.

Migrating to Magento was a delicate operation. A ‘lift and shift’ job that replicated the old website pixel to pixel. It was a complex challenge – but one that took profits from £10 million to £70 million for Better Bathrooms.

It was an all-custom build that integrated with the ERP to manage the ‘Pick a Day’ delivery service and ‘Click and Collect’ functionality seamlessly – logic that was built out by Space 48.

Mission accomplished: a technical project for a multi-channel retailer that now had the infrastructure to scale out their ecommerce.

“Having already employed the services of Space 48 to build a site for our Taps brand, there was no question in my mind that they could develop a new site for our main brand, integrating with all of my back-end systems with minimal disruption.”

Colin Stevens – Founder of Better Bathrooms

Long-term trust, long-term relationships.

The launch of the new site was just the beginning. Colin, Founder of Better Bathrooms was full of ideas – driving the business ever forward.

On top of the technical enhancements, Space 48 was also on-hand to optimise the user experience. Integrating Better Bathrooms with the most powerful content and search solutions on the market, average order value increased by 27%.

Most importantly, Better Bathrooms trusted us with their website for over 8 years. And that relationship meant more to us than anything.

“The site build progressed as planned and was released just prior to our key season and in line with a significant TV campaign. I have been very pleased with the professional approach to the project and would have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

Colin Stevens – Founder of Better Bathrooms

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