Working as part of a team of project managers you are going to be immersed in a learning and supportive environment whilst you gain experience in the eCommerce industry.

As part of a multi-discipline agency you will have the opportunity to practise your existing project management skills whilst learning how the role is practised in an agency environment.

Here’s how your week may look:

It’s the morning stand up with one of the other project managers who you are shadowing as part of your learning and development. You listen along as their squad briefs on the work in progress. Amongst the usual retainer work the squad is starting a new project that you are taking ownership of, alongside the other PM, with a view to taking this customer on as your own once the project is complete. You’ve reviewed all the discovery documentation and are aware that issues have been identified that are a significant risk to the project so you’re listening out to make sure these are top of the agenda to be investigated. 

Following the stand up you have a debrief with the Head of Project Management to work out what your priorities will be for the day and week ahead to make sure we make progress on the project. It’s agreed that you’ll follow up on arranging sessions on the high risk areas to make sure the team and customer have time to discuss them. You add these to your list so you don’t lose track and review the other things on your list for the week ahead.

You’ve been given the responsibility of managing an internal project to improve the feature set on a SaaS framework and so you spend some time making sure the requirements are clearly written in the shared documentation ahead of an estimation session you’ve scheduled with members of the SaaS practise. You drive the meeting making sure everyone is clear on the requirements and document the estimates before transferring this data to the resource planner. You want to be prepared for the resource meeting so that you make sure you secure the people you need to make progress.

It’s midweek and you’re in the resource planning session with the rest of the project management squad. The team is very busy so there’s a conversation going about how to move people around so that we can achieve as many goals as possible. You’re vocal in ensuring you get the resource you need to move forward the customer project but know you can be flexible on the internal project as it’s not got a commercial benefit.

It’s Thursday and you’ve scheduled a demo on behalf of the team so that they can show the customer progress. You start the meeting by taking everyone through the agenda and hand over to the developers to demonstrate where we are up to. The vast majority of the demo goes to plan but the customer has some feedback on aspects of the project that are different to what they believed would be built. You make plenty of notes so you can follow up with both sides to see what needs to happen to resolve the situation. Having investigated it looks like the customer had not fully briefed the team so you’re not sure how to proceed so you check in with the head of Project Management for advice and direction. 

It’s the end of the week and you’ve a meeting to go through your project hours with the Finance Director. You’ve prepared by making sure all hours are logged against the project and you’re confident you can talk through what has been done and where we are in terms of the journey of the project deadline.

When you look forward in your calendar to the month ahead you’re scheduled to be in various other workshops getting exposed to Discovery, Design, Digital Marketing and the Sales process. 

Oh, and you did all of this from your home with a team that is also working remotely in a business that trusts you to self motivate and proactively engage with the wider business and your customers. 

If you read this and it sounds like your ideal job — we want you on the team!

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  • Enjoy 22 days of holiday plus bank holidays
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