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News / 15.11.16

Project Managers, where the hell are you all?

rocking-horse-pooYou’d think I was looking for rocking horse shit, but I’m not. All I want are Project Managers with a proven track record in delivery. I’ve seen lots of CV’s and interviewed several candidates but, (there have been lots of buts) I’m just not seeing the calibre of candidate required.

In response, I’ve decided to list the unspoken requirements of a Project Manager. In the hope, it flushes you out wherever you’re hiding.

The standard blurb can be found here.

Now the real requirements

You get your kicks out of a fast-paced environment, and I don’t mean disorganised, I mean busy!

You absorb pressure like a sponge. I don’t mean you’re a punch bag for clients, I mean you can handle it, it’s all in a day’s work. If you hadn’t chosen a role in project management, you’d be a high-flier in the UN.

Problems, you love problems, well you love solving them. That doesn’t mean its nothing but problems, but lets not kid ourselves they do happen but you can deal with them. That doesn’t mean you don’t bitch and rant getting to the resolution.

You don’t believe in process for process sake but you know why it’s needed and how it can enable you.

Pragmatism is your middle name, you strive to make clients happy but also care about making sure what you do is the right thing for them, not necessarily what they want.

You’ve worked for a software development agency (not digital). You’ve ideally worked in eCommerce with at least 1 of the top 10 enterprise platforms, eg Magento, Websphere, ATG, Hybris, Demandware.

You’ll be working in a supportive environment with an experienced team who love what they do. eCommerce is not for the faint-hearted but it is hugely rewarding.

We’re based in Warrington at the moment and on schedule to open a new office in Manchester end of Q1 2017 where you will then be based.

The salary matches our expectations and is highly competitive for the right candidate.

If you’re interested in the role AND you match the real requirements, please send your CV through to [email protected]

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