PPC can be the single biggest revenue driver within your business

We appreciate that driving the right traffic to your retail site is critical to delivering business growth. While it is easy to drive traffic to your site, driving the right traffic which will convert is an art and this requires a fastidious approach to PPC management.

We believe in an ongoing test and refine the approach to PPC, constantly pushing the boundaries and revising ad copy, landing pages and bid strategy to deliver the most efficient traffic possible. This is a full-time job but that’s ok because we love it. We live for the buzz of over-delivering against client’s objectives and we would love to do this for you.

Our approach has delivered fantastic results for many of our clients and we always keep an ear to the ground, identifying and exploiting any new opportunities. This was evident in our early adoption of Product Listing Ads (Now Google shopping) which we were soon able to generate huge levels of incremental revenue from for many of our clients. This was a real game changer for many with some of our clients now driving in excess of 75% of their revenue through this channel.

We get results, fast

Google Adwords is the fastest way of getting your products in front of your online customers. Our clients have seen instant results from our data-led approach.

The increased visibility that you get from an expertly managed Adwords campaign turns into more sales. Even better, this will all be done whilst focussing on bringing down your cost per acquisition.

This increases your ROI even further.

We only focus on eCommerce

We are an eCommerce agency. Our AdWords team’s singular focus is to increase the ROI of our clients by helping them to sell more products.

This means we don’t do AdWords campaigns to raise awareness, generate leads or to pull stunts. We do them to sell more of your products and attract more paying customers.

We believe by being hyper-focused on PPC for eCommerce, we have a distinct advantage. We know your expectations and what you need to deliver. We are not attempting to transpose lead generation PPC skills to eCommerce, we live and breathe it so all of our PPC tactics and strategies have evolved from pure eCommerce experience.

We believe in education

Not only do we manage our client’s accounts to success, we teach others what we know too.

The team at Space 48 have created videos and articles that relate specifically to PPC for eCommerce. These resources are yours to use today.

We want you to feel empowered to make your choice of who to partner with. The best way to do that gives you industry-leading education around PPC for eCommerce.

Prefer to read?

We have countless articles that will help you make the most of your PPC campaign. These are all written with eCommerce-focused companies like yours in mind.

Space 48 is constantly researching new methods of digital marketing and using our own extensive data to create new content.

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Our team has 7 years of experience dealing exclusively with eCommerce

Not only do we have the experience, our team has a great track record too.

You can feel assured that we have the correct, dedicated team working on your PPC campaign.

We are accredited

Being so serious about PPC, we had to go and get the right education from the right source.

Space 48 are proud Google partners. It’s more than a simple logo. We have had years of world class expertise given to our dedicated, passionate marketing team.

It makes understanding Google’s products second nature to us.

We are an award winning agency

Our work within eCommerce has won us nationally recognised awards. We’ve won 3 and been nominated for 14. It’s a great reward for our hard work.

We have achieved this by simply concentrating on our clients ROI. That is the real measure of our success.

ROI is our one focus. Always will be.

We service a range of clients & industries

Our eCommerce experience has seen us partner with some excellent businesses. The work we have done for them is something we are truly proud of

Here is a selection of just some of the people that we currently work with:

Body Bullding

We also have vast experience in a variety of industries, including:


  • Apparel / Clothing / FashionBeauty / CosmeticsCycling / Outdoor PursuitsHome Appliances / Audio Visual
  • Home Furnishings / Furniture
  • Jewellery / Fashion Accessories
  • Luggage / Bags
  • Pet Food
  • Sports Nutrition / Health Supplements
  • Toys / Games
  • And much more…

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