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June 16, 2020

Menkind: A giant leap for their commerce experience


Highstreet retailer, Menkind, has selected Space 48 as their ecommerce agency of choice to optimise their online store experiences.

Since 2001, Menkind has been leading the way in gifts and gadgets, stocking innovative and original products as well as licensed merchandise across the UK. Moving forward, Menkind is looking at how their dynamic brand is reflected online and how their digital platforms will lead the UK online gifting market. To realise this goal, the team at Space 48 has been rapidly working through a series of new and selected revenue-generating activities to give Menkind the results they’re looking for.

“It’s been a while that a deploy went that well! Everyone was really positive about the changes, so as far as a first (real) deploy goes, you smashed it!”

Scott Gallaway,  Ecommerce Manager at Menkind

Our work with Menkind

Provide the complete Commerce Experience (CX):

Using data and customer insights to drive decisions,  to continually work against a prioritised backlog, confident all features released will deliver value to the customer and help Menkind achieve their business goals.

A full-service complete with functional improvements:

Address the most pressing issues behind the scenes, including quality improvements to code, the rewriting of developer modules and refining the logic for key operational processes.

Onboard Menkind into the Space 48 ecosystem:

Meaningfully build a relationship with Menkind to ensure our recommendations best address and deliver upon their requirements in a time-bound fashion.

“Menkind is forward-thinking, open to suggestions and quickly act on our advice. Within a short period, I really feel like we’ve already become an extended part of their business – able to support them on their journey to success and improving the commerce experience along the way.”

Holli Barrett, Head of CX at Space 48

The CX approach


Menkind have access to a multidisciplinary team made up of data analysts, UX researchers, designers and developers to make seamless commerce experiences possible.
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