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User Experience & Research

You want to truly understand your customer’s needs, desires and what drives them.

It’s our research, design and data science that together spells out the empathy, that defines your online success.

You need to understand your customer. Our user experience and research services allow you to step into their shoes. See your business from your customer’s point of view and create outstanding online experiences. See your customers convert.

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“If you’re not talking to your users, you can’t take proper care of your UX”

Holli Barrett, Head of CX, Space 48

Explore our User Experience and Research services

User Research and Usability Testing

You want to know how people use your site. Learn from users through UX surveys and testing on your site. We recruit a set of users in your target demographic and ask them to complete tasks in a real-time situation. We can then plot your customer’s journey map and adopt learnings from your current approach to improve your overall experience so you can convert more customers.

User Empathy Mapping

You need to get to know your customers on a deeper level. Our empathy mapping is a single, shared understanding of your user to help us align with their needs. Using our research and observing your users, we plot how your users think, feel and do to understand how your brand can add value to them.

UX Competitive Benchmarking

Our competitive benchmarking researches your direct and indirect competitors to understand best practices and provides inspiration for your UX design. We take screenshots of design and UX elements to help inform your design. Getting you ahead of your competition.

Persona Scenarios

We highlight the main scenarios in which your users visit your site to understand when, where and how they shop. This allows us to highlight your user and edge cases so your UX focuses on your core customer. Providing your customers with the best experience.

UX Audit

You want to evaluate the performance of your website from a user’s perspective and gain insight into the buyer’s journey. Our in-depth UX audits are designed to highlight any usability issues through UX surveys, user testing, empathy mapping, competitive benchmarking, and more. Allowing you to keep pushing forward on your online growth.

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