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Product Information Management

You need to make your product information more manageable and optimise your product experience.

The Space 48 PIM practice exists to help solve the consistent product data management challenges you face and improve your Product Experience across all your channels.

By having a single source of truth for product data, distributing that data to multiple channels or even localising that data becomes much more manageable and scalable and leads to greater product data consistency.

What is PIM?

    Product information is at the heart of almost every purchasing decision a customer will make. Without accurate and detailed product data, customers won’t have the confidence or trust they need to make an investment in your product offering. In a competitive marketplace, retailers who are providing customers with a highly optimised product experience will win out over those that take it for granted.

    Ultimately, delivering a great product experience is fundamental to delivering a great Customer Experience. However, creating that product experience and managing large amounts of product data is a challenge encountered by almost all retailers who haven’t invested in a PIM (product information management) solution.

    The Space 48 PIM practice exists to help our customers solve the consistent product data management challenges they face and improve their Product Experience across all their channels.

Why PIM?

    Management of product information becomes more difficult as a business begins to grow. When there is a relatively small and simple product catalogue being sold through a single digital channel, management of product information can often be handled through an ERP solution, Excel spreadsheets or even the eCommerce platform. However, as a business begins to scale and the product catalogue becomes more complex or the product lifecycle process starts to involve more stakeholders, or the business decides to begin selling products in additional channels, platforms like an ERP or Excel soon become unfit for purpose.

    A PIM solution is a dedicated platform for helping retailers, distributors and manufacturers manage all their product data in a single place, putting structure and validation around the data that is held there. By having a single source of truth for product data, distributing that data to multiple channels or even localising that data becomes much more manageable and scalable, and also leads to greater consistency of product data.

Common challenges PIM solves

  • Product data held in multiple locations with no single source of truth, leading to manual tasks to collate it and distribute it

  • Duplication and rewriting of product data for distribution to different channels (Web, Marketplaces, Catalogues, Shopping Feeds

  • Lack of structured data leading to inaccurate and inconsistent data through mis-spellings, missing product data, incorrect measurements

  • Getting products to market is slow due to lengthy enrichment processes and duplication of effort

  • High returns rates due to poor product information and customers making buying decisions based on incorrect product information

How Space 48 Can Help

Product Data Management & Lifecycle Process Audit

We review your existing product lifecycle management processes to identify gaps or bottlenecks in getting products to market. We review your existing product data and structure and perform a GAP analysis to recommend best practices for structuring your data model.

PIM Business Case Development & RFP Creation

We help you identify a requirement for a PIM solution through a series of workshops with business stakeholders, looking at existing processes and product information management challenges. We will help you create a financial business case for investing in a PIM solution, providing an ROI model for the investment. Following a requirements-gathering exercise, we can assist in the creation of a go-to-market RFP and identify and recommend appropriate platform vendors.

PIM Platform Implementation, Consultancy & Training

Using our years of experience working with PIM solutions, we will help you implement and configure your PIM solution, ensuring best practice is always followed. We will assist you in creating a comprehensive data dictionary to provide you with a solid and well-structured base on which to start building your PIM.


As part of the implementation, we can complete any associated integrations between your PIM and your other systems or platforms, including ERP or eCommerce. We provide full stakeholder training and ongoing support following the successful implementation of your PIM solution.

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