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It all starts with your ecommerce platform. We understand there isn’t a one size fits all approach to website development. Whether it’s Open-source, SaaS or OpenSaaS, we have the right solution to see your ecommerce business grow.

You want an ecommerce website that empowers you to scale? Whether you’re a global brand with a global vision or an ambitious startup, we’ll recommend the right website development solution for your business. Fulfil your commercial potential and deliver stellar customer experiences.

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You’ve heard that BigCommerce should be your next ecommerce platform but you don’t know where to start? Work with the Partner of the Year to build your website, integrate your systems and improve your conversion rate. Get back to focusing on your customers.


Struggling with slow development, downtime and unlocking the potential of your Magento platform? Work with Magento Masters with over a decade of hands-on experience building with Magento. Stop worrying about your infrastructure and get back to trading.


Slow Shopify store? We optimise your front end, challenge your team’s requirements and push your performance to the limit. Make your customers and your SEO consultant happy.


Your developers are telling you that headless is the future. Make sure headless is the right answer for your business and doesn’t become another failed software project. Make technical decisions with confidence.


You’re the only one in your business with a Pingdom account and your team clocks off at 4pm on a Friday. Get the support you need with 24/7 coverage and SLAs you can rely on. Sleep easier at night knowing we’re looking after your website.


You have a hundred changes to make to your store but your agency can’t get through them fast enough. Work with a dedicated high-performing team that understands your goals, challenges your assumptions and becomes a part of your business. Meet your objectives and keep up with your competitors.

Technical Consultancy

Digital transformation is complicated and time-consuming. Not every client that we work with has in-house technical consultants to help with digital transformation. Space 48 has a team of Digital Commerce Consultants who can help throughout the process. Learn more about how we can help you with strategic technology consulting for your project to ensure there is a smooth delivery and risk is managed effectively. 

Function18: A Shopify Plus migration to become more customer-first, which resulted in a 96% increase in revenue.

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