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Operational eCommerce Consultancy

Growth brings with it a new set of challenges that your business may not have encountered before.

Space 48 specialises in Operational eCommerce Consultancy, helping brands manage their growth effectively, ensuring the right people, processes, and systems are in place to allow for regrowth.

If you’re a pure-play online, multi-channel or B2B retailer/distributor that has been through a significant growth period and is now starting to see the cracks in your operation, Space 48 has a range of consultancy services available to help prepare you for your long-term success.

Operational Consultancy Pillars

Fulfilment & Order Management

    If increases in order volumes have become challenging to deal with and your fulfilment operation is under pressure, Space 48 can provide consultancy around your current processes and tech stack and recommend solutions for automating your fulfilment and streamlining your order management, ensuring your customers receive their orders not just on time, but ahead of time.

    Key focus areas: Order Management Solutions (OMS), Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS), Inventory Management Solutions (IMS), 3rd Party Logistics (3PLs), Returns, Delivery Carriers, International Fulfilment

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

    If you’re currently running your business through a series of Excel spreadsheets, AirTables or even paper based systems, as your growth continues to build, these manual systems are simply not sustainable. An ERP solution is an all encompassing back office solution which manages your entire business operation, from placing orders with your suppliers, managing your stock and pricing, through to the fulfilment and invoicing of your customer’s orders. Underpinned by financials and accountancy, an ERP platform is a must have solution to join the dots between your disparate business units. Space 48 can provide ERP consultancy to help you create the business case for investing in an ERP, as well as capturing requirements and generating a go to market RFP to identify suitable vendors and partners.

    Key focus areas: Stock, Inventory, Pricing, Financials, Integrations, Vendor & Platform Selection

Customer Service

    If you are still handling customer support enquiries via an Outlook inbox, as the business continues to scale and the volume of queries begins to mount, an email inbox will become unmanageable. Tracking enquiry volumes and agent productivity is almost impossible without a dedicated platform for handling inbound requests for support.

    Space 48 can review your entire customer service operation (including contact centres) and provide recommendations around systems and processes to remove bottlenecks and introduce automation where possible, ensuring your customer service team deal with the enquiries that really need attention and your customers to serve themselves for the most common enquiries.

    Key focus areas: Customer Service, Email, Call Handling, Customer Support & Ticketing Platforms, CRM, Live Chat, AI Bots, Contact centre solutions, Return Management solutions.

Product Information Management (PIM)

    As a growing business, your product data or product information is likely being held in a series of Excel spreadsheets or your ecommerce platform, where it will be largely unstructured with little consistency or validation making it difficult for customers to compare products like for like. As your product range increases, your procurement team grows and you look to sell on more channels, managing product data in Excel or your eCommerce platform becomes prohibitive.

    Space 48 operates a dedicated consultancy practice around product information management to ensure you are managing your product data in the most effective way and that it is easily distributable into new channels. From reviewing your existing product data through to identifying a PIM software solution, Space 48 can help you ensure your customers receive a great product experience on their journey to an excellent customer experience.

    Key focus areas: PIM, Product Data Audits, Data Structures, Product Lifecycle Management, PIM Vendor Selection & Business Case Creation, PIM Platform Implementation

Marketplaces & Drop Shipping

    Manufacturers and brands want to get their products in front of as many retailers as possible and retailers want to offer a wide range of products to their customers but don’t have the capacity or infrastructure to fulfil those orders. Marketplace and drop shipping solutions bridge that gap and connect brands and manufacturers directly to the retailers, allowing them to list their products on the retailer’s existing digital commerce platform, with all the fulfilment taken care of by the supplier.

    If you’re a brand or manufacturer looking for opportunities to showcase your products in front of more end customers or if you’re a retailer looking to expand your product portfolio, Space 48 can help you identify and implement a marketplace solution that doesn’t require any large operational investment. Our Marketplace & Drop Shipping consultancy can connect you with the right partners and platforms most suited to your industry and area of expertise.

    Key focus areas: Marketplaces, Drop Shipping, Fulfilment, Platform Selection, Requirements Gathering, Business Case Creation

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