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Mage Titans

A courageous, creative, curiosity that saw us launch the first Magento Titans Event in 2014.

Says Jon, “We were in the throws of putting together a very client focused event. It just didn’t feel right, we were going through the motions. We needed to rethink our ‘why’. Why we even wanted to put an event on in the first place?

“Of course we were seeking to attract new prospects and clients but was attracting new prospects and clients our main challenge? In truth the main problems we faced was attracting, training, developing and retaining good people, the right talent to take us forward. And the more we thought about that problem the more it dawned on us that we weren’t alone.

“Every other agency in the UK faced a similar recruitment and retention problem. And the more we talked with other agencies the more responsive they were to an event that would offer genuine problem solving insight. We took our idea to Manchester Digital and they got involved.

“250 people turned up and the rest is history with Mage Titans events held all over the world including the USA, Spain, The Netherlands, Mexico and Italy.

Now it’s part of what defines us. Jon Woodall

CX and Considered Commerce

And what also defines Space48 is a commitment to CX and ‘Considered Commerce’ for complex or higher-priced products or lengthy, unorthodox purchase journeys.

The ecommerce market has changed a lot over the last few years. As well as Magento replatforming to Magento 2 other new ecommerce options such as Shopify and BigCommerce have emerged.

Rather than serving only Magento, Jon and his team have applied layers of business and technical experience, years of strong client relations and boundless courageous curiosity to these other platforms too. It’s been a shrewd move.

“Because customer experience is at the heart of everything we do,” says Jon, “rather than only offering Magento only we match specific project requirements with specific platforms.”

Curious as to how Space48 can help you too? Just ask.