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Ecommerce Roadmapping

You want to define and prioritise strategic decisions, optimise operational efficiency, and enhance customer experience.

Our collaborative discovery process identifies opportunities and outlines strategic initiatives, prioritised action items, and technology solutions required to achieve your desired outcomes.

Ecommerce road mapping helps you optimise your online presence, reduce inefficiencies, and increase revenue generation and ROI.

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Jonathan J Parkers
In Space 48, we have found a partner that has not only a deep understanding of the technology they champion but also the intricacies around the mail-order horticulture industry. We have placed a lot of faith in the agency over the years, and they continue to consistently deliver a very high standard of work. We have big plans to become better at what we do, to become the customer go-to in the online plant buying space (both from a product and knowledge perspective). With our partners, Space 48 and BigCommerce, we feel we are in the best possible position to do so.

Jonathan Bracewell, Group Head of Marketing, J. Parker's Dutch Bulbs

What problem does it solve?

  • Helps identify and prioritise strategic initiatives: Ecommerce roadmapping enables customers to define and prioritise their key objectives, allowing them to align their business goals with technology and digital solutions.

  • Enhances customer experience: By analysing customer behaviour, preferences, and pain points, roadmapping helps identify areas for improvement and opportunities for optimising the customer journey, resulting in a seamless and satisfying online shopping experience.

  • Optimises operational efficiency: Through ecommerce roadmapping, customers can identify bottlenecks, streamline processes, and implement automation to enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Supports scalability and growth: Roadmapping assists customers in planning for future growth, anticipating market trends, and identifying opportunities for expansion into new markets or product lines.

What's our approach?

  • Collaborative discovery: We engage in in-depth discussions and workshops with clients to understand their business objectives, target audience, existing systems, and pain points, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their ecommerce landscape.

  • Data-driven analysis: We conduct thorough data analysis, including customer insights, market trends, and competitor benchmarking, to identify opportunities and make informed recommendations.

  • Roadmap development: Based on the insights gathered, we create a customised ecommerce roadmap that outlines the strategic initiatives, prioritised action items, and technology solutions required to achieve the desired outcomes.

  • Iterative approach: We follow an iterative process, regularly reviewing and refining the roadmap in collaboration with the client to adapt to changing business needs, market dynamics, and emerging technologies.

What are the results for you?

  • Increased revenue and conversion rates. Ecommerce roadmapping helps clients optimise their online presence, resulting in improved conversion rates and increased revenue generation.

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction. By addressing pain points and improving the user experience, clients can expect higher customer satisfaction levels, leading to increased customer loyalty and retention.

  • Operational efficiency improvements. Roadmapping enables clients to identify and eliminate operational inefficiencies, reducing costs and improving productivity.

  • Strategic decision-making. With a clear roadmap in place, clients can make informed decisions regarding technology investments, resource allocation, and business expansion plans, leading to better outcomes and ROI.

Our Ecommerce Roadmapping Process

1. Collaborate with specialists

We bring together specialists from all areas of our business to ensure that your roadmap receives the expertise it deserves. Our experts will work closely with businesses to understand client needs, address any concerns, and provide valuable insights throughout the process.

2. Preparing for success

Before diving into the roadmap development, we meticulously prepare by conducting thorough research and analysis. This stage ensures that we have a solid understanding of your requirements and sets the foundation for a successful roadmap.

3. Agency prep

Once the groundwork is complete, our dedicated team focuses on agency preparation. We align all the necessary resources, tools, and strategies to ensure a smooth and efficient roadmap execution.

4. The workshop

The heart of our roadmap process is the workshop. During this collaborative session, we bring together our consultants and the client’s key stakeholders to discuss and prioritise the identified initiatives. We employ various techniques, including value mapping exercises, to evaluate each initiative based on factors such as priority, time, value, and budget.

5. Establishing priorities

Through collective discussions and careful evaluation, we identify the initiatives that hold the highest priority for your business. Our goal is to strike a balance between the desired outcomes and the resources available, ensuring that the selected initiatives offer the highest value within your budget and timeline.

6. Delivering results

Armed with a clear understanding of your priorities and constraints, our team will work closely with you throughout the execution phase, providing regular updates, addressing challenges, and ensuring your vision is brought to life.

Ready to start your roadmapping journey?