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Data Science

We believe that data is the catalyst for growth. Improve your online business by unlocking powerful insights with our data science services.

Are you struggling to maximise the use of your data and analytics to help drive results? Whether it’s reporting, Google Analytics, or Google Tag Manager, our data scientists can provide clear recommendations to use your data to its fullest potential. Allowing you to make key business decisions backed by data.

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Reporting Frameworks

Are your reports disconnected in the business, or do you spend hours compiling reports? Our data reporting framework services will help you build the best possible reports, using the right tools and more importantly, implement a level of automation that means you can spend longer doing other activities that matter most.

Google Tag Manager Set Up

Do you struggle to keep on top of Google Tag Manager, or simply don’t have the skillset to maximise it? The team at Space 48 are experts in using and maximising Google Tag Manager. Whether that is the implementation of complex tags, or utilising Tag Manager to tighten up your eCommerce event and data tracking. We can keep on top of GTM for you and take the worry away from your business.

Google Universal Analytics

Are you using Google Analytics (UA) heavily in your ecommerce business but are not sure if it is set up correctly, or if you are getting the most out of it? At Space 48 we can maintain your Google Analytics account, to ensure you can trust your data and be confident in making key business decisions.

Google Analytics 4

Are you looking to migrate to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), but worried about losing data in the migration process? Our Google Analytics accredited team will be able to help you every step of the way. By working with Space 48 on migration to GA4, we will ensure all data is tracking correctly and will give you peace of mind in future-proofing your business.

Google Data Studio Dashboards

Are you struggling to maximise the use of Google Data Studio or simply looking to get set up? Our team of experts can help you leverage and automate key Google Data Studio dashboards, to allow you to easily identify trends, opportunities and weak areas of your e-commerce activity. Using Google Data Studio to its fullest, with our help, will give you an impressive suite of the most important ecommerce-centric dashboards.

Google Merchant Centre

Do you struggle to keep on top of Google Merchant Centre warnings and notifications, or do you feel your product feed could be further optimised? Our team of Google Ads accredited experts understand the importance of keeping your Merchant centre account in peak condition and make sure your product feed is in an optimal state. If you are spending on google shopping, this service is a must.

Measurement and Benchmarking

It’s not always easy to see your progress in an ecommerce business at a micro-level. Our measurement and benchmarking services look at your business and provide granular data points to allow you to continually compare your performance and track your progress. Allowing you to more quickly and easily focus on areas that need attention. Our measurement and benchmarking reports let you work smarter and faster.

Account Audits

Working with a variety of data platforms and tools is not unusual for most ecommerce businesses, but we often find that most don’t know if they are set up correctly, or being used to their fullest potential. Our account audits cover various platforms relevant to your business and will provide clear recommendations and roadmaps. Our audits will ensure you are getting the most from the tools you are investing time and money in and help pave the way for further business success.

Keen to maximise the use of your data and analytics to help drive results?

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