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Gain an edge in the competition and maintain your various business functions efficiently with ecommerce integration.

We have best-in-class partnerships with an array of technology companies to help your ecommerce

Looking to build the bridge between your website and technology partners? Our developers and integration specialists are experts in implementing integrations for your ecommerce site, whether that’s a custom-made or third-party integration.

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What our partners say:

Function18 is an example of a really strong Klevu implementation, with exceptional design and front-end development work from our partner Space48 and some powerful customisation work on our end to allow for F18’s complex multi-currency setup, powered by Global-e.

Claudia Ditri, UK Strategic Partnerships Manager

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ERP Integration

Keeping your ecommerce website operational can be a time-consuming and thankless task. You spend countless hours wrangling spreadsheets trying to update the product catalogue or updating orders with tracking information with information from your ERP. By investing in a comprehensive integration between Magento and your ERP, whether that’s Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, or something else, you can worry about these processes once and hopefully never again – freeing up precious time in your week.

Stock Managerment

With stock in multiple warehouses and order processing in flight, it can be painful to keep the website up to date with the latest figures of what’s available to sell. Getting this wrong can mean overselling, a lot of time from the customer service team to resolve and ultimately customer disappointment. We ensure that you have an effective & resilient integration between all IT systems. Be confident that you can fulfil every order that your website generates.

Customer Data Platform

You know that you have a wealth of information on your customer but it’s so hard to find actionable insights because it’s so disparate. Some of it is in your ecommerce platform some is on your email marketing tool, and even some in your ERP. Centralising this into a customer data platform gives you a single source of truth to know your customers. Make decisions with confidence and supercharge your marketing efforts by addressing specific needs.

Custom Integrations

When there isn’t an off-the-shelf integration between your chosen technologies, you can end up investing heavily in a burdensome custom integration that never quite works. Our team of experts have years of experience in this area and so have strategies and tools at our disposal for any required integration. Choosing us means that you can be confident when custom integration really is necessary, it doesn’t become a black hole for time & money.

IPAAS Tool (Celigo)

Connecting the web of IT systems that are in play can lead to a lot of siloed custom integrations that become a nightmare to maintain and upgrade. God forbid you to have to replace one of them. Choosing an iPaaS tool such as Alumio or Celigo provides a toolbox for creating scalable, reliable and decoupled integrations.  Reduce your time to market and choose a tool that’s going to set your business for success knowing that it can scale and adapt with you.

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