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3 high-performing, high-value Shopify Plus stores.

How Space 48 consolidated 12 online stores into 3 high-performing, high value Shopify Plus stores for tech21.

Formerly hosted on Magento, market-leading phone protector brand, tech21, took the jump to SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) as they set out to refine their online store experience. By centralising their storefronts from 12 to 3, tech21 have intelligently tightened up their ecommerce presence, enabling more efficient stock management, brand storytelling and marketing impact.


Fusion – a focussed, unified selection of storefronts that gave tech21 access to a range of user-friendly features unlocked through Shopify Plus.

Tech21 is the business of protective phone cases. With over 3500 SKUs, they sell premium products online and through retailers across the country – including tech giant, Apple. Tech21 produces a range of high-end goods boasting the use of anti-bac, shock absorbent and recyclable materials that deliver on design and function. With support from Space 48, tech21 have benefited from improved site performance and greater profitability.

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“This was the second time I have worked with Space48 and they delivered again in a challenging situation. Their experience and ways of working shone through in being able to respond in a proactive way to all challenges meaning the replatform was delivered on very tight timelines to an extremely high standard. The team was extremely supportive of what we wanted to achieve but also would challenge us if they thought we were making a decision that would risk our goals or not deliver to best practice. The key for me was that it really felt like they were an extension of our team and were as invested in delivering for us rather than just an agency who just worked to ticket, this collaborative approach has already shown dividends in our metrics and we are now planning out our future work with them.”


An end-to-end SEO Migration.

As part of tech21’s migration strategy from Magento to Shopify Plus, we owned all SEO elements. Given the nature of the migration, redirects were broken down into three layers – a process replicated for each live storefront – 12 in total.


Redirects at a domain level e.g. tech21’s Japan store to tech21’s Australian Store.

As tech21 moved to Shopify Plus, so too did the naming convention for each domain. Leveraging Cloudflare rules at a server level, we are able to activate smart logic to take customers from an obsolete site to a new one instantly. Without noticeable changes at a front-end.


Redirects at a product URL level.

Shopify has a unique URL configuration that all customers must abide by – “”. As such, all product URLs had to be restructured across their sites.

This process allowed the tech21 team to optimise product URLs for SEO purposes, remove looped URLs, and generally clean up their account moving forward. Just in case, a 404 event tracker was implemented post-launch for any URLs that take customers to a redundant page.


Redirects from configurable to simple products. E.g. tech21 Evo Slim to tech21’s Evo Slim Black.

As part of the decision to move to SaaS, tech21 adopted a Simple Product Configuration and created separate PDPs (Product Detail Pages) to do so. In collaboration with the tech21 team, we worked to identify high-performing products, and redirected to these pages accordingly. To offset the potential handicap this had on the alternative product types, Nosto’s clever product recommendation software upsold the other variations.

Included in this service, we built the entire Google Tag Manager system to allow for reliable testing and Enhanced Ecommerce reporting on Google Analytics, Google Ads, Social Channels, and Bing. With this new net of data, Tech 21 have been able to investigate the sites far for efficiently and rigorously – chipping away to make the site intuitive for that all important customer experience.


The results are in!

As a Shopify Plus Partner we were able to maximise the nuances of SaaS. Replatforming over to Shopify Plus gave tech21 a chance to start afresh. Leaving behind outdated tech, convoluted code, and a string of bugs, we’ve prioritised better site speed and faster loading times. Already they’ve seen massive improvements. With a more streamlined experience, customers are more inclined to stick around. Since the launch of the new site, performance has soared. Tech21 have benefitted from triple figure growth, and attributing to that was their Black Friday Sale 2020, which was their “best ever week online”.

decrease in page loading speed
drop in bounce rate
increase in revenue
more profitable during Black Friday sale than 2019