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July 2, 2020

SweetSquared: A Sweet New Website on BigCommerce

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Professional hair and beauty gurus, SweetSquared, is set to launch a standout new site on BigCommerce, designed by Space 48.

Serving their professional-only client base since 2006, SweetSquared has now set their sights on a best-in-class e-commerce site, as part of their digital transformation program. Come launch, SweetSquared will both inspire and educate a new generation of hair and beauty professionals, whilst providing them with their enviable portfolio of industry-leading brands, including CND, Nimue, Kevin.Murphy and SachaJuan.

“Following an extensive procurement process, we were delighted to select Space 48 as our agency partner on this project. Their platform-agnostic approach gave us confidence that we were choosing the best platform for our requirements in BigCommerce and we’re really pleased with our progress on the project so far.”

Peter Spiers – Chief Marketing Officer at Sweet Squared

Our plans for Sweet Squared:

BigCommerce for their big aspirations: 

To give SweetSquared a pristine new website that integrates with user-friendly systems to allow tasks to be owned by the e-commerce team instead of over-relying on internal IT departments.

A redesign that redefines their brand:

Space 48 to conduct a complete redesign of the site, from the mega nav to the checkout page, to better reflect the brand personality all-the-while taking customers on a journey that delights at every stage.

Implement bespoke business logic:

To build sophisticated processes that allow SweetSquared to manage complex pricing, product restrictions and multiple stock pools. A new technologically-stacked site will give SweetSquared more opportunities to grow their business.

“Working with the Sweet Squared team has been a genuine pleasure. Their curiosity has allowed us to explore new technologies and demonstrates their genuine commitment to creating the best online experience for their customers. We’re excited to see the new site in action, and look forward to the inevitable growth Sweet Squared will experience as a result of their hard work and ambition.”

Alex Devanna, Project Manager at Space 48

The BigCommerce approach

BigCommerce-agency-partner As UK Elite Partners for BigCommerce, we’ve got the experience and trust to develop an online experience that is robust, modern and reliable for Sweet Squared.

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