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February 12, 2016

A community project with Homestart

Space 48 lend a helping hand

A charity not only close in location but also close to our hearts; we wanted to help support Homestart Warrington and the great work that they do within our community. Homestart offers friendship and guidance to local families experiencing difficulties, helping them to be healthy, happy and stay safe. The charity work closely with the families and children, offering support around parenting and help to those struggling with issues such as lone parenting, feeling isolated, coping with disabilities and coping with domestic, alcohol and drug abuse.

We first heard of the charity, when our Managing Director, Jon, met Homestart at a local event. Being a new Father himself, and with many other members of the team becoming parents, he truly understood the value and importance of their work. Giving children, from newborn and upwards, the best start at life possible we all agree is crucial to their early development, education, and future development.

Wanting to help in any which way we could, we offered our development expertise.

We met with the team to discuss their ideas for a new site build and what they would like the site to achieve. The team wanted a fresh overall look and responsive design, improved user navigation and the ability to maintain and update the site with new imagery and content regularly and easily, in house. A WordPress site allows Homestart to showcase their purpose and success and primarily enables the team to reach those that need their help, recruit volunteers and raise funds through donations. After understanding the team’s objectives, the development soon came to fruition.

What we did:

  • Created a responsive website, displaying important content on mobile devices.
  • Implemented a content management solution (CMS) to enable Homestart to maintain and update the site regularly.
  • Added Downloadable PDF’s and YouTube videos across pages.
  • A transfer of data to Google Analytics.
  • Implemented a contact form and referral form for families & health professionals.

Since the website went live in December 2015, the team have been pleased with the results and have received positive feedback from site users.

A testimony from Steph at Homestart:

“Our newly designed website went live in December 2015, after months of hard work by Jake, Liam, and the team at Space 48. The team & trustees are delighted with the end result and the fact that the site can be accessed by tablet and mobile too can only help to increase our audience. It is easy to update and amend – so we aim to keep our site more interesting for new and returning visitors. Our newsletter list has increased too – thanks to the easy sign up facility. Thanks once again to the guys at Space 48!”


Homestart homepage2

In addition to the initial development, we are proud to continue with the support and management whilst continuously looking for further opportunities where we can offer assistance. Including contributing to the Christmas family hampers by donating lots of toys and other gifts!

As Homestart continue to make a positive contribution to the community, we hope that the site continues to support their pledge.