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March 24, 2015

Conversion rules!

Panel discussion

Consisting of:

    • Isaac Moshe (Moderator) – Marketing Director, Nosto


    • Jonathan Bowers – Managing Director, UKFast
    • Kestrel Lemen – Marketing Strategist, Bronto
    • Sara Mulvey – Marketing Director, Black Sheep Wools


  • Andrew McClelland – Head of Industry Insight, IMRG

Isaac chairs the panel and opens with questioning the challenges posed by transitioning from bricks and mortar to online and ultimately omni-channel. They discuss the difference that passion makes in marketing, about creating a community that people want to be a part of, a lifestyle. Sara also echoes and supports Andrew’s earlier statement of multi-channel customers being highly valuable.

The panel also answers questions from the audience including: Online offers, when and how to do this? A very interesting question in the time of a savvy shopping generation, a wash of low quality products and a sea of discounts. The importance of big data and the internet of things in the home. Personalisation, how much is too much? Many other compelling conversations are born from the round up of information from the day and piqued interests.

Thanks for joining us

in a look back on the recent ‘Conversion Rules!’ event.

We hope that you found it as interesting as we did and that you have had your eCommerce strategies confirmed, improved and future proofed. Just in case you’ve missed any from the series you can find the whole playlist, uninterrupted here.

Many thanks to: Andrew McClelland for being a highly percipient key note. Bronto and Nosto for collaborating with us on this event, you provided brilliant insights and really made the day worthwhile. UKFast, the space is fantastic, we look forward to holding another event there and the videos are greatly appreciated, it means we can help share the knowledge further.

If you have any comments or questions feel free to drop us an email or comment below.

See you next time!