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October 28, 2016

Dan Davies – October

  1. Material Design

    By Google
    Recently, Google Material Design had a makeover along with introducing a few new tools. I’m a big fan of what Google are doing and always enjoy seeing what this team comes up with.
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  2. You might not need Javascript

    By Magento
    We use Javascript every day but the advances in CSS means we might not need to use it all of the time, you can build so many functional UI components without the additional dependancy. Here are a few things that look like they use JS, but don’t.
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  3. The :target Trick

    By bitsofcode
    This article shows some examples where using the :target class in CSS can help achieve results where Javascript is normally used.
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  4. Hover.css

    By Ian Lunn
    I love a bit of CSS animation and really loved this set of hover effects using CSS3, they add a bit of fun and polish to any site.
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