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December 16, 2016

Find your ecommerce hero

If you’re in and around the Magento space, you may be familiar with Kalen Jordan and Eric Hileman. Kalen is the co-host of Magento podcast, MageTalk and Eric is the co-founder of Magento hosting provider, MageMojo. The perfect duo to bridge the gap between retailers and Magento developers and agencies with their latest Commerce Hero concept.

Magento is a complex system and finding quality developers that understand both the platform and your vision can be difficult to come by. Commerce Hero makes finding the right Magento developer a whole lot easier. The site features the best in the business and is categorised by both individual heroes and agencies. It’s no surprise the likes of Vinai Kopp and other Mage Titans veterans rank highly in their heroes list.

If you have a bigger budget and want to use a reliable agency, then click through to their featured agencies page where we’re proud to take the top spot. As a team, we’ve got the highest number of Magento certifications; 21 in total from 13 certified team members, and soon to be more.


Looking to partner with somebody who can develop your Magento site?

The greatest thing about Commerce Hero is the transparency in pricing and availability; for retailers it cuts out those awkward and often time-consuming initial sales conversations, that may never amount to anything. We’re also big fans of the tagging functionality which demonstrates the specialist areas of each agency or hero i.e. Magento 2, backend development, design, and so on, making it even simpler for users to narrow down their options based on their requirements.

Go check it out!