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August 27, 2015

GoInStore for Dawsons

Dawsons Music select GoInStore technology

GoInStore technology offers a unique customer experience, combining online browsing with the shopping experience found in store. A customer of ours, Dawsons Music, recently chose to implement the GoInStore feature to their online store in order to enhance online shopping for their customers.

GoInStore offers browsing site visitors a real-time experience via the latest ‘smart glasses’. An in store specialist wearing the ‘smart glasses’ is able to advise a customer on a product, offering detailed descriptions and even personal recommendations. By simply using the ‘Go in Store’ button, when browsing a product on the website, customers can open up a direct connection to the physical store. This offers customers a personalised shopping experience from the comfort of their own home.

The audio stream is supported by GoInStore’s server infrastructure and artificial intelligence-driven Assignation Engine, which can quickly analyse data to match the customer with an in store specialist. Geographic location, product knowledge and individual interests and expertise are all factors considered to ensure the correct advisor is chosen and the customer is given the best possible advice. For Dawsons, whose staff are first and foremost musicians, GoInStore allows them to capitalise on the knowledge and expertise staff have to offer.

Is GoInStore right for your business?

As shopping trends suggest, high-end specialised products and services prove to be a more considered purchase. Conversion rate for this type of purchase is often increased within a store as opposed to online. Customers highly value face-to-face communication and Dawsons recognised this and the need for specific advice within their industry. Focusing on improving this, not just in store, but online will take Dawsons to the next level. As technology becomes increasingly advanced and markets become more competitive, you may see other brands following suit across a wider range of industries.

The success of GoInStore can be measured and analysed using the attribution model. For Dawsons the eCommerce value may be invaluable as the move is set to be a huge success in driving online sales.

Bridging the gap between in store and online shopping helps deliver a greater Omni-channel experience, adding another dimension to both marketing and customer service.