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How To Be The Best Ecommerce Email Marketer in 2019

We recently held a webinar with our partners Oracle Bronto focused on top tips for eCommerce email marketers.This webinar is perfect for anyone working in eCommerce email marketing teams to sense check their approach and identify new opportunities for revenue growth.

We cover topics such as;

  • Pop ups
  • Personalisation and segmentation
  • Welcome series
  • Cart recovery
  • Remails
  • Content




If you'd like to discuss our consultation and training options around focusing on increasing revenue through email or any other attribution channel, we offer a free consultation with Oliver.

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Space 48 is a leading UK ecommerce consultancy and website development agency, based in Manchester. We specialise in Magento, Shopware and Shopify development, UX and ecommerce strategy. If you have any questions about anything discussed in this blog or if you'd like to chat a project through with us, get in touch or book a free consultation with our ecommerce experts. Or why not explore our range of ecommerce audits and assessments to pinpoint key grow opportunities and areas to improve ecommerce performance?




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