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June 29, 2016

Jon Woodall – June

  1. What now?

    By Daniel Priestley
    I recently watched Daniel Priestley’s ‘What now?’ live video on Facebook, where he discussed his take on the EU referendum and the social and economic issues we are currently facing. I’ve been following him for a while now as his content is so relevant and the knowledge he has of trends that are making the biggest difference is really insightful. I wanted to hear more from Daniel, and so I was spurred on to start reading his latest book ‘Become a Key Person of Influence’.
    Access Daniel’s Facebook page below and scroll down to see his video.
    Watch Daniel’s video here…

  2. Just landed at Heathrow …

    By Roger James Hamilton
    Whilst scrolling through my Facebook timeline, I was again inspired by Roger James Hamilton’s thoughts on the UK’s vote for #brexit. I’m no political expert myself however the financial uncertainty we face cannot be ignored, and so I decided to share a post of my own;
    Like it or not what this outcome has shown is the clear disconnect between ‘people’ which needs to be put right if we stand a chance at creating a better future. I voted to remain but we are where we are. The article I’ve shared has given me a different perspective, and in the times which we live exponential growth is possible but only where we come together to be more connected, collaborative and start to contribute. Non of that growth is possible without community – which obviously requires ‘people’! We don’t need to look very far to see what community has done in the last few years in business, it stretches far beyond borders … think Uber, Airbnb & more. Change and in theory less policy (I hope) means there will be opportunity. As hard as it ‘might’ be, let’s crack on and build something we are proud of.
    Read Roger’s post here…