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July 8, 2017

Key highlights from MagentoLive UK 2017


In the midst of Mage Titans Italy and Mage Titans Spain, a number of the team attended MagentoLive UK in London, 27-28th June. With over 900 attendees this was Magento’s biggest MagentoLive event to date and provided the perfect opportunity for retailers, agencies and technology partners to converse and collaborate.

Spanning over 2 days the event not only offers a great networking opportunity, but also a range of talks including a Technical Track talk by Space 8 Technical Director and renowned Magento Master, Tony Brown. Despite being a seasoned speaker on the topic, Tony enjoyed speaking at his first official Magento event to a varied audience of retailers and developers. Tony’s talk on ‘Monitoring your cache effectiveness in Magento 2’ discussed how the full page cache in Magento 2 uses Varnish and explained how you can obtain the relevant data to understand how effective the cache is on your site.


There were many highlights from this year’s event including the DevExchange session. First seen at this year’s Magento Imagine, we were pleased to find out that this had been introduced at MagentoLive UK 2017. The room was split into groups and tasked with a question that had been submitted via a community forum, and each group was supported by one representative from Magento. With so much emphasis usually on sales and new features, it was great to be involved in the DevExchange; a solely developer focused session which gave time to discuss key developer topics and delve into challenges with peers.

Top contributors in the UK

Kudos to Magento Community Manager, Sherrie Rohde for organising the ‘Top contributors in the UK’; a list recognising the individuals who go above and beyond to give back to the Magento community and ecosystem. The list was compiled based on a range of factors such as Github activity, Magento Stack Exchange activity, speaker engagements, blog posts and more. We were delighted to see that Space 48 Frontend Developer, Ben Crook and Technical Director, Tony Brown were both on the list, 2 of only 8 individuals in the UK – proof that when it comes to Magento we know our stuff!

In terms of next year’s event, Magento made an exciting announcement that MagentoLive UK and MagentoLive France will merge into one larger scale event in Barcelona called MagentoLive Europe. After initially feeling disheartened that it’s not happening as close to home, we’re looking forward to the trip to Barcelona and the opportunity to connect with even more people within the industry.

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