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December 10, 2015

Klarna payment solution

The main point of difference between a normal checkout page and a Klarna checkout is the ‘Pay after delivery’ option it offers customers making a purchase, alongside the standard ‘Pay now’ option. Meaning customers can receive their order prior to making payment.

Customers who are eligible to pay after delivery are able to confirm their purchase and choose how they would like to proceed with payment; by invoice or part payment via the Klarna account.


Klarna invoice

With Klarna Invoice, customers are only required to enter top-of-mind information such as name, address and date of birth. By minimising the amount of sensitive information needed, customers feel safer and the checkout process is even easier – especially on smartphones or tablets. A credit check is performed immediately and if eligible Klarna then pays the merchant, and the customer then makes the payment to Klarna within 14 days.

Klarna account

The Klarna Account gathers all purchases into one monthly invoice, which can be paid at once or in flexible instalments. Like with the invoice process, a credit check is performed at the checkout and merchants are paid in one full payment.

The benefits

Offering customers the flexibility and convenience of a payment method such as Klarna, will help to decrease cart abandonment and increase conversion rate. Benefits include improving return customer rates, checkout rates and increasing the average order value.

Integrating Klarna with Magento

Once the module has been successfully installed you will need to set it up by navigating to the Klarna section in the configuration. The ‘Payment Options’ section is where you configure which payment solutions you want to activate and their sorting order.

An iframe is used to insert the checkout to your site, which is customisable depending on brand preference. The colours of the buttons, text, lines and frames can all be aligned to match the design of your online store.

Better Bathrooms Germany

We recently implemented the Klarna module for Better Bathrooms on their German website. The initial installation of this module was really straightforward; we customised the Klarna iframe to match the client’s theme and completed some additional work so that the user would be redirected to the standard order confirmation page, once completing the Klarna process.

The Klarna functionality has helped Better Bathrooms to target their German audience much more effectively by providing customers with payment options they are comfortable with.

For further details, read more about Klarna’s installation process and take a look at their ‘Go-live checklist’ below.

Klarna Go Live