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November 6, 2015

Mage Titans 2015

Mage Titans – our involvement

The 1st of November 2014 the inaugural Mage Titans took place. One year on and we’re getting ready for Mage Titans 2! This year the vibe is slightly different though, there’s a real buzz around Mage Titans; people know what to expect.

The whole concept began when our Managing Director & Founder, Jon Woodall, decided to give something back to the Magento collective, to do something to further connect with the smart people that we’re lucky enough to have as part of community.

The Magento community

The Magento community is already one of the kindest, most active, and helpful communities around, and we are big fans of the Meet Magento events (also the various community podcasts and newsletters that surround it; the Magento Community Digests, Mage Talk, Mage Casts, and Mage Dev Weekly to name a few).

We wanted to create something that was even more developer-centric: a full day of developer deep dives with a cross-section of the most respected names in Magento, a representation of the local talent, and also the up-and-coming names from around the World.

As a team, we regularly attend Magento events and conferences, but there was a lack of Magento development events. We wanted to create an event for us, for our team, for other teams and for anyone who develops on the Magento platform. The exchange of knowledge just pushes us all further, helps us to adapt and evolve with the fast-paced growth of the sector.

By putting developers at the forefront we have created something that is truly community-led. The exchange of knowledge just pushes us all further, helping us to adapt and evolve with the fast-paced growth of the sector.

To help make it happen, we partnered with the fantastic Manchester Digital to help organise the day and promote it to a wider audience. We also wouldn’t be able to do this without our sponsors; many thanks go to UKFast, the headline sponsors, plus so many others that play a big part in the community. You can check out the other sponsors here.

What to expect for 2015?

This Saturday, Mage Titans will be even bigger and better, yet the goal remains the same – to connect, collaborate and build with the community. We have a huge line-up of worthy speakers presenting a mix of full-length talks and lightning talks.

This year we launched the Mage Titans’ Innovation Award in association with Innovation-specialist Grant Kemp and judged by an impressive representation of the greatest business, innovation and development minds around.

We even have a low-key, and limited ticket, warm-up Magento 2 workshop on the Friday night (tonight) for those who got their conference tickets early.

The response so far has been overwhelming and we can’t wait to hear the feedback from this year if only to make next year even bigger, better, and more worthwhile to the people that we really care about. See you there at Manchester’s Comedy Store, Saturday 7th November.


The future for Mage Titans

We are now launching the Italian chapter of Mage Titans too. It will take place in Milan on the 5th February in partnership with BitBull & Alessandro Ronchi. We’re looking forward to hearing Alessandro at this year’s event in Manchester as a preview to Mage Titans Italy.

Mage Titans Manchester brings people from far and wide together; Germany, Netherlands, Italy, even America, we’re hoping that any who missed out on Manchester (and those who didn’t) can make Mage Titans Italia – we’ll certainly be there!

We’re also looking to hold future workshops to keep building our very special Magento Community … watch this space!