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November 17, 2015

Magento 2 – RELEASED!

The eagerly awaited M2 has arrived

It has literally just been announced at Magento Live Australia that Magento 2 is officially here (#MLAU15 is the hashtag to follow).

Both the Community and Enterprise versions were officially revealed and we are certainly very excited.

M2 has been a long time coming; having been a concept since 2010. There have been a great deal of rumours and hearsay around the platform, but we were lucky enough to properly get our hands on it back in March when we were invited as one of only 2 agencies from the UK to be involved in a Beta Test team in Germany.

Our Technical Director, Tony, represented the Space 48 team in Germany and was impressed!

The accelerated progression of development and architectural changes were plain to see, and we helped by providing feedback on the platform and contributing to the technical documentation. On Tony’s return, the rest of the team were also eager to get to grips with Magento 2 and a couple of the senior team have since completed the Magento 2 readiness programme (which, I am pleased to say, they passed with flying colours).

We’re delighted that Magento 2 is finally available! With quarterly additions to functionality, it promises to be a great platform and we actively encourage people to have a play with our demo store:

Magento 2 Demo

Magento 2 Demo Access

Evidently, there will be a great deal of noise surrounding the launch in the next few days, but we are looking to run an M2 event early in the New Year to give retailers a real feel for what it is all about, what it will take to move to M2, and what they can do to prepare. To register your interest in the event, please click on the link here and we will make sure that you are prioritised.

We also have some exciting Magento 2 projects to share with you in the New Year.