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July 18, 2017

Magento 2 versus Magento 1: key benefits and performance improvements (infographic)

For growing businesses with big ambitions, the scalability and customisation made possible within Magento 2 makes it a game-changing ecommerce solution. Magento 2 offers increased performance levels, improved security, and almost limitless customisation, whilst giving ecommerce businesses the potential to create a truly unified customer experience.

With a looming cut-off date for Magento 1 technical support (November 2018) and the many benefits Magento 2 boasts, we’ve seen a surge of retailers already making the move. There are many different reasons for changing ecommerce platforms, so considerations over whether to stay with your current platform or move to a new one are complicated. We’ve put together a handy infographic to highlight the key benefits and performance improvements of Magento 2 versus Magento 1, including:

  • 50% faster page loading speed
  • 38% faster checkout process
  • 30% higher customer lifetime value
  • The ability to process up to 117% more orders per hour

As Magento specialists and Magento 2 developers, Space 48 have a lot of experience with Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration. If you want to learn more about Magento 2’s key features and functionality and discover why the platform could be right for your ecommerce business, discover our Magento work