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November 22, 2017

Stronger together: Space 48 acquires leading ecommerce agency Meanbee

A note from our MD, Jon Woodall:

Today, I am extremely excited to announce that we are acquiring the ecommerce agency Meanbee. Based in Bath, Meanbee is a highly-successful and technically strong Magento agency.

Not only does this give Space 48 an additional location down in the South West, but it provides us with a great opportunity to work with the brightest people in the industry. The superb team at Meanbee are exactly this!

Space 48 have known and respected the Meanbee team for quite a few years. Their MD, Tom Robertshaw, was actually one of the speakers at the first ever Mage Titans event that we held – starting out as a Manchester-based event for the Magento community in 2014, Mage Titans now host events across Europe, USA and Mexico!

Meanbee’s CTO, Nick Jones, is at the absolute top of his game. I’m incredibly excited to have the opportunity to partner with two of the most talented people in our industry, whilst their team of ecommerce experts is going to transform our organisation.

One of the key growth strategies at Space 48 is mergers and acquisitions. This is our first and there will certainly be more in the near future. We’re in conversations with other agencies around mergers and acquisitions to reach our goal, which is to become the UK’s leading ecommerce consultancy. The acquisition of Meanbee is the first step in making that move. We are stronger together than we are apart.

However, it’s not as simple as just putting a bunch of different agencies and people together. It has to be the right people; the brightest and most dynamic people. We’re building an ecommerce agency built around culture. The culture we have is predicted by the environment that we create. The environment that we create, predicts the performance.

The agency market is very fragmented. This means that it’s really challenging for brands to find the right partner to work with. Although there might be a lot of choices, there’s a skills shortage in the industry and a lack of real standards, which makes it even more difficult for a business owner or Head of Ecommerce to know where to turn.

What we’re trying to do at Space 48, is bring together the best people in ecommerce, to provide the best possible service, experience and culture for our customers. The acquisition and partnership with Meanbee takes us one step closer to achieving this.