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March 18, 2015

Which Metrics Really Matter in 2015?

Conversion Rules!

Recently we curated and hosted an eCommerce focused event, Conversion Rules!

Jonathan Bowers from UKFast has given a short introduction here:

This took place on UKFast’s grand stage in their business, community and events auditorium. Our co-hosts and speakers came from Nosto and Bronto respectively, Andrew McClelland from IMRG (the voice of retail) delivered the key note and we finished the day off with a panel discussion.

Our Managing Director, Jon Woodall, was the first on stage to share his opinions in his talk entitled: ‚ÄòWhich Metrics Really Matter in 2015′

So, which metrics matter the most to you?

Do you have a real focus on lifetime value? Perhaps you obsess over achieving a better page load speed?

In truth, in this world of big data we are confronted with a huge number of metrics which we can use to gauge the performance of our eCommerce operations and yes, all play a part but sometimes it is about taking a step back and focussing on a few specific metrics in the first instance as there are some that may offer far greater returns.

This video will give you some pointers which you can apply in 2015 to help focus your attentions into the areas of your eCommerce strategy which will hopefully deliver truly tangible returns for your business in 2015. Perhaps looking at the CPA derived from your google shopping might lead you to realise that the bounce rate is excessively high and if this could be addressed through improved landing pages, you might see some huge incremental increases.

To learn more about the metrics that you should be paying attention to, and how to create that smooth customer experience – you can watch the whole video below.

We will be commenting on and publishing the next in the series of five Conversion Rules! presentations tomorrow, a talk on personalisation by Isaac Moshe of Nosto.