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April 20, 2016

Share the bananas!

TEDx Holyhead

As an avid TED Talk fan…
I personally really enjoy the TEDx events, attending both the Manchester and Salford events in the past. The independently organised events are implemented in compliance with the TED guidelines, ensuring that each event embodies TED’s mission statement of “ideas worth spreading”. And TEDx Holyhead certainly lived up to expectations!

Our Managing Director was approached to talk at the TEDx event, he was obviously flattered, and despite never formally speaking at such an event he rose to the challenge. Jon prepared for hours (you can read all about his journey here), and on the TEDx Holyhead day seven of the team accompanied him on the two hour road trip; we all agreed that he shone on stage – and I’m not just saying that because he’s the boss!

His talk was all about sharing. Sharing his putting techniques, sharing Space 48’s internal training with the Magento community, and sharing bananas. Overall, how it can affect you and your community, no matter how big or small your circle is.

You can watch Jon in action here:

The day took place in the very beautiful Ucheldre Centre, introduced and curated by Martin Murphy, who is an international coach, trainer, speaker and writer specialising in peak performance, leadership, teamwork, and co-presented by Grant Peisley who is also a trainer and mentor in effective and authentic people management and leadership. To fit in with the theme, the day wouldn’t be complete without the firewalk which many of the speakers and attendees, including Jon walked, to help improve focus and determination.

Other seriously notable talks on the day included:

  • Jo Hinchcliffe’s talk ‘The Power Of Purposeless Play’ starting with a modular synthesiser he built on his evenings: video
  • Elin Haf Davies, breaking boundaries and pushing her physical body to the limits with ‘Rowing for Therapy’: video
  • Sophie McKeand, Wales current Young People’s Laureate, who is ‘Saving Communities via Creativity Anarchy & Self-Directed Learning’: video
  • Jamie Denyer talks passionately and heart-wrenchingly from experience in ‘One Punch Murder’: video

To be honest, I implore you to watch all of them, just as I would encourage you to watch TED Talks in general, they really do open your eyes.

And don’t forget to share the bananas!