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May 25, 2018

Space 48’s Partnership with Innovative Ecommerce Platform Shopware

Space 48 is growing. The business has been working hard to reach our goal of becoming the leading ecommerce consultancy in the UK. The journey involves building relationships and partnerships with the best tech providers and platforms in the industry, to strengthen our offering for our clients.

In this blog, we discuss our recent partnership with Shopware and the exciting benefits of this innovative ecommerce platform!

Why Shopware?

Shopware reported a 500% growth rate in the UK and Irish market in 2017 and the platform has put this largely down to new partnerships and relationship building with technology providers and agencies.

For us, Shopware represents innovation and a customer-centric vision of the future of commerce. Space 48 is in the business of helping retail brands to improve their ecommerce performance, by way of providing their customers with a smooth user journey and frictionless shopping experience.

Shopware is a platform that shares our vision, and our partnership with Shopware enables us to help users get the best out of this innovative platform, which offers retailers great features and functionality, such as Shopping Worlds – which is available out-of-the-box!

Jon Woodall speaks about the Shopware partnership

Space 48 MD Jon Woodall spoke about his excitement in partnering with Shopware and the reasons behind the move:

It’s been a time of change and growth for Space 48 in the past year. We moved our head office to Manchester at the back end of 2017, and at the same time we started out on our new growth plan. A key part of our growth strategy is building new relationships and partnerships with some of the top innovators in the industry.

We aim to become the leading ecommerce consultancy in the UK and these partnerships help us strengthen our knowledge, expertise and reputation. Last year, we acquired the well-respected ecommerce agency, Meanbee. And our partnership with a ground-breaking ecommerce platform like Shopware is another step towards our goals. 

Space 48 has established its reputation as award-winning Magento website development agency, but the Shopware partnership helps us become a more platform agnostic ecommerce consultancy. We want to help global retail brands make the right choices for them around their platform and integrations, to ensure that they are suited to their customers and business needs.

We’ve got an exciting journey ahead with Shopware. Our team of developers are busy building their knowledge of the platform. The team recently travelled to Germany, as part of Shopware’s Community Day, which was a great experience. See this pic below! 

Shopware and Space 48 at SCD

We also shared a stand with the Shopware team at this year’s IRX (Internet Retailing Expo) in Birmingham, and there was a lot of excitement and buzz around the stand.

Here’s some of the Space 48 team smiling for the camera with the Shopware crew at IRX…

Shopware and Space 48 at IRX

Key benefits of the Shopware platform

As we mentioned, Shopware boasts some innovative features and functionality to help developers and merchants create relevant user experiences for customers. We got the thoughts of our front-end developer Ben Crook on the platform’s top features and key benefits:

Behaviour-based targeting capabilities

Shopware enables brands to create automated workflows, based consumer browsing behaviours. This behaviour-based automation means retailers can retarget visitors and customers according to different actions taken on websites and certain spend thresholds, via email marketing and personalisation.

Shopping Worlds feature

Shopping Worlds is Shopware’s exclusive feature, which offers awesome drag and drop functionality for ecommerce web pages and flexible content blocks, which enables responsive images and helps brands deliver immersive and personalised product views.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Shopping Worlds is helping retailers transform the online shopping experience! Here’s an example snapshot of the feature in action below:

Shopware Shopping Worlds feature


Wide range of great extensions

Beyond Shopware’s Shopping Worlds feature, the platform’s marketplace offers a wide range of paid and free extensions to enhance ecommerce stores, including Shopware’s own extensions and lots of others from the community. There’s plenty here to suit all needs and requirements.

Support and helpful documentation

Shopware is dedicated to helping developers, agencies and merchants to get the best out its platform. The level of onsite support and documentation is a real bonus for users, from clear instructions to helpful resources and developer guides.

Platform transparency

In addition to this documentation and support, Shopware provides real transparency about its plans, vision and ongoing projects. There’s a roadmap available, which outlines what Shopware is working on, which helps from a trust and expectations point of view.

Check out Shopware’s platform roadmap here to find out more!


As a growing ecommerce consultancy, we’re excited about new partnerships with awesome companies like Shopware. We’re dedicated to helping retailers improve their performance in an ever-changing digital landscape and develop high-performing and customer-centric ecommerce websites. Shopware further enables us to do this.

Space 48 is a leading UK ecommerce consultancy, based in Manchester, specialising in ecommerce website development for Shopware and Magento platforms. If you want to learn more about the consulting and development services we offer or if you’d like to discuss a project with us, get in touch now.


We recently released a new video on our YouTube channel, which explores the brand vision and how we work with clients, plus viewers get an inside look at our great new office environment. Check out the video below!