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April 27, 2015

Team training with Evolve

We live in a very fast-paced world;

The reality is that we are in a state of constant learning but I for one feel very lucky to be part of a team where we are given the opportunity to really expand our knowledge and to truly develop on both a personal and professional level. As you will have seen, we have been spending a lot of time of late with one of the worlds leading authorities on Magento (Vinai Kopp) but last week saw our training extend away from the more technical side and into areas that will really help us to develop as individuals and indeed leaders.

We joined Martin Murphy and Simon Montgomery (Monty) from Evolve over Thursday, Friday and Saturday, where we took the training that we had done with them to the next level. Whilst we had previously spent a lot of time looking at mindfulness and moving to a 3C (Connected, Collaborative and Contributive) world and took a really close look at coaching and what we can do to work with our friends, colleagues and all individuals that we engage with in a more effective way.

I felt that the three days were a great experience offering real practical implementation of the models that we had learned (for example the ‚ ‘to grow’ model) but also offering real life-skills in non-violent communication. Needless to say, we also all loved the cartoons which were used to illustrate points about communication and collaboration too so I thought I would share them with everyone as they were very amusing:

It will come as no surprise that following the session on Friday, a ‚ ‘low key’ team bonding night ensued which saw everyone have a great night out in Chester (if you have not been out in Chester, we can heartily recommend it) with many going on into the early hours. Truly a night to remember following a few days also to remember!

All in all, I really enjoyed the training and feel that it is great to be part of a team where we can expand our own skills as individuals to move both ourselves and the business forwards.

For more information regarding Evolve, please see their website.