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November 29, 2016

Tommy Pyatt – November

  1. How are the world’s most successful brands using the psychology of color in their branding

    By Larry Kim
    Something that’s fascinated me for a long time is research into how colour affects our perception and mood. This article and infographic gives insight into how leading brands are using colour to convey a particular brand image.
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  2. You are not paid to write code

    From Brave New Geek
    I also found this article very insightful recently. It prompts those in our industry to consider how we add value to the businesses we serve.
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  3. Do more and have fun with time management

    From Cirillo Company
    The Pomodoro Technique isn’t new. In fact it’s been a thing since the 80’s. But until a few months ago, I’d never even heard of it. Since then I’ve been using it to improve my productivity and focus whilst I’m working and I’ve found it very effective.
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