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September 30, 2016

Tony Brown – September

  1. Magento 1.x versus Magento 2.x performance report

    By Ivan Chepurnyi
    I recently attended Mage Titans USA, where I had the opportunity to listen to a talk by Ivan Chepurnyi. Ivan has recently been doing extensive work on benchmarking Magento 2 versus Magento 1 – his results are very interesting. They show that the order process under M2 is more stable under heavy load and has also identified some simple bugs/optimisations in M2 that are being submitted to the core team.
    Read the report here…

  2. 048: Docker & PHP

    PHP Roundtable
    If you’re interested in Docker and are not sure what it is all about, the folks at PHP Roundtable recently had a very informative discussion around the basics of Docker.
    Watch the discussion here…

  3. Interview with Mark Lavelle

    Phillip Jackson and Kalen Jordan are the guys behind Magetalk, a popular Magento Podcast. They recently interviewed Mark Lavelle (the CEO of Magento), it was interesting to hear Mark’s history, his vision for Magento’s future and the importance of the community.
    Listen to the interview here…