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March 23, 2015

Understanding the baseline

Conversion rules!

The voice of e-retail

For the fourth talk in the series of Conversion Rules, Andrew McClelland shares his insights from 11 years (still going strong) at IMRG. Throughout his overview of eCommerce as a whole, his focus is on how to understand baseline conversion rates. All findings are supported with stats, once again relaying the fact that decision must be rooted in data.

He mentions the newest name in eCommerce Black Friday and puts emphasis on preparation, whether you believe that it’s a pointless marketing tactic or not you can approach this cleverly. In fact, our MD Jon Woodall had his thoughts on Cyber Monday (applicable to both days in this new phenomenon) published in a couple of online articles last year: ‘Cyber Monday ‚Äì is your store ready?‘ and ‘Ten last-minute Cyber Monday preparations for your e-commerce site‘ which I believe are worth sense checking against your own strategies, even if just for confirmation.

Andrew also flags up that a multi-channel customer is vastly more valuable to you than a single channel customer, discusses the use of different mobile gadgets and the conversion rates that they generally yield. Relevancy of search results and landing pages echoes Jon’s words in the first ‘Conversion Rules!’ talk and can be optimised further by following Isaac Moshe’s personalisation suggestions in the second talk. Cultural differences in regards to international retail, something that in this technological era are probably worthwhile noting and thanks to Andrew for making a great point, among many more. Overall he urges you to understand where your biggest issues are and how to deal with them.

The last in the series was Kestrel Lemen’s entertaining feature on what’s ‘Hot Or Not In 2015‘ and tomorrow we will be finalising the set with a feature on the panel discussion.