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April 16, 2014

Using upsell products in Magento

As an ecommerce business, you’ll naturally want to sell more. With a solid marketing strategy and a seamless on-site user experience, you’re well on your way to achieving super sales figures.

However, as a specialist ecommerce agency, we frequently see ecommerce sites who aren’t taking full advantage of the variety of features available to them. In this short series, we’ll help you to understand alternative ways to boost your sales.

Some of the best features available to Magento users are product relations. There are three types of product relations: Upsell Products, Related Products and Cross-sell Products.

The first segment in this three-part series will explore using Upsell Products in Magento:

An Upsell Product is an item that a customer would rather buy instead of the product they are currently viewing. Upsells feature on the product page, and are often used to persuade the customer to spend more money by buying a more expensive version of the product they are interested in. It’s worth remembering that Upsell Products don’t always need to be more expensive.


Radley make excellent use of upsells. Customers viewing a purse on the Radley website are shown items which they ‚ÄòMay Also Like’. These include less expensive products such as a luggage tag, alongside higher priced items such as handbags.

upsell radley

The North Face

And check out this example from The North Face. Whilst viewing a mens jacket priced at ¬£75, the customer is also shown similar mens jackets ranging from ¬£95-¬£160 under the heading ‚ÄòYou May Also Like’.

upsell north face

How to Set Up Upsell Products In Magento

1. Navigate to the Product Admin section
Catalog > Manage Products > Select a product

2. Click Up-sells in the Product Information panel on the left

3. Click the Reset Filter button in the top right hand corner to list all the available products. Alternatively, use the search filters at the top of each column to find specific products

4. In the list, select the checkbox in the first column of any product you want to feature as an upsell

5. When complete, click the Save button

6. Now, simply visit your product page to see your featured upsells in action! Don’t forget that you might need to do a re-index first.

You can now check out the second post in our series here: Using Related Products in Magento!