Charlotte Tilbury: A tech-optimised website for global brand Charlotte Tilbury built within 4 months.

With celeb clients including Kate Moss, Rihanna and Penelope Cruz buying your products, site performance is of high priority. And for her new website in 2013, Charlotte Tilbury had three requests: beautiful design, fully engaging, and completely mobile-optimised. Space 48 was on hand to deliver.

Sophistication – A high-end luxury website, for a high-end luxury brand that delivered high-end, lucrative results.

Charlotte Tilbury is an entrepreneur who grew her global brand, of the same name, following 20 years of experience in the make-up industry. Charlotte Tilbury employs over 120 staff to deliver some of the most elite and diverse range of beauty products in the market.

To reflect the success of the brand, and to enable growth at scale, Space 48 was introduced to develop a highly responsive website to coincide with the launch of an in-demand cosmetic line. The pressure was on. Here’s what happened.


A full suite of requirements: a technological marvel.

An international, multi-store website doesn’t happen overnight. It’s an intricate process and involves a thorough prioritisation of functionality and requirements.

Given our experience with the Magento platform, Space 48 was more than happy to oblige.

The team at Charlotte Tilbury wanted complete freedom. No restrictions handicapping their ambitious plans. Space 48 gave them that power by building out a tech-savvy site with some of the most powerful software in the ecommerce marketplace.

The build made the most of the core features of Magento Commerce, linking it into the company’s Brightpearl ERP to prevent logistical nightmares or backlogs, it was upwards momentum all the way.

Animations and video tutorials for every product and look were integrated to help showcase the brand’s uniqueness and style. It was revolutionary for their engagement. And the Charlotte Tilbury has never looked back.

Added integrations – SLI for search, DotDigital for email, and Ometria for marketing – helped increase the overall site experience. It was a tremendous blend of tech and design to deliver the strongest commerce experience yet.


The result? From national to international, overnight.

The new Charlotte Tilbury site was completed in just four months. An impressive feat, one that drew upon the expertise and determination of all parties involved.
The site was ready. The brick and mortar store, built. And the cosmetic line launched at the illustrious Selfridges in London.
The success was unprecedented – both online and offline – with transactions soaring by 108%. Nothing like the company had experienced before. With their flagship and online stores performing well, driving a 107% uptake in revenue, Charlotte Tilbury was able to expand to new heights in the USA and Canada.

“We approached Space 48 as we were looking for Magento experts who could create a responsive site. The team worked closely with us throughout the process and made our vision a reality. The site looks and works just as we hoped – excellent job!”

Rachel Jones, Head of Ecommerce at Charlotte Tilbury

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