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Giving Pramworld more control of their site with BigCommerce

The Challenge

Space 48 and Pramworld have a long history of working together, initially looking after Pramworld’s Magento 1 site to migrating them to Magento 2, before frustrations started to set in with Magento and a yearning for becoming more agile when it came to making changes and updates. A lot of financial investment was being made on Magento with little return on investment as conversion was down. Pramworld needed a website that they could have a lot more control of, stop wasting time on supporting the site, and bring the focus back to trading and making sales.

The Brand

Winstanleys Pramworld has a heritage in nursery goods since 1961. This family-owned business began in 1951 as a decorating and supplies and cycle business before expanding into the nursery market. Over the years, Pramworld has expanded to having two stores located in Wigan and Stoke, as well as their online store supplying baby goods to new parents throughout the UK.

Choosing BigCommerce as the new home for Pramworld


Having already a deep understanding of Pramworld’s business and their site, our discovery process was an efficient one. Following our same processes of story and assumption mapping their key ecommerce features and requirements, it was clear BigCommerce was going to be the perfect solution for them. Chosen for its open SaaS nature to allow further customisation and development by Pramworld’s internal development team, BigCommerce offered the majority of the scope’s requirements with their out of the box features, meaning limited custom work was required. A win-win for Pramworld, where this had been a bugbear while on Magento. 

With this site migration, Pramworld wanted to keep their current design, so our UX team enabled this by providing the current design with some best practice tweaks to improve the user experience. 

PPC & Paid Social

This project didn’t just end with the site replatform, Pramworld trusted us to help them with their acquisition strategy using Google Ads and Paid Social. This consisted of a PPC audit to look at the current activities and uncover areas for improvement with optimisation. Our acquisition strategist optimised the ad copy and introduced relevant ad extensions for maximum exposure and real estate on the SERP.  We introduced Dynamic Search Ads to scale out the account, capture new keyword data, and generate more sales.

To capture customers who had already visited the site, we introduced Dynamic Remarketing via Display Campaigns. This drove customers back & incentivised them into converting and making a purchase. These campaigns proved highly profitable.

As a secondary revenue driver, we replicated the campaign structure within Bing Ads. Equally automated for easy management, straightforward structuring, and accessible optimisation as it is owned in-house.

Utilising the power of Facebook Advertising, we set up a fixed dynamic retargeting campaign to run evergreen and built a range of saved and lookalike audiences to leverage their ad testing moving forward. To provide Pramworld with better clarity of the contribution Facebook is having on the business, we provided a bespoke attribution model that allowed them to invest more smartly in their Paid Social activity to improve ROI.

Integrating BigCommerce’s APIs with existing third-party tech.

Pramworld were happy with their existing third-party tech stack on their Magento 2 site. Fortunately, BigCommerce has established integrations with these partners, so it was fairly easy for us to integrate them on the new site. These included Nosto for product recommendations and personalisation,  Klevu for site search and Mailchimp for email automation.

The results are in

This replatform not only improved processes and gave back control to Pramworld, it improved the customer experience. While our acquisition strategy drove brand awareness and gained new customers. Space 48 is pleased to continue its relationship with Pramworld in its new and exciting phase of growth with BigCommerce and the results speak for themselves.

CTR for Facebook Campaigns
increase in AOV
increase in revenue

“As the owner of an SME one of the key objectives of any project is value for money. Space48 understand our needs and deliver a quality product on time and within budget.

Having run our own Google Ads campaign for many years delivering excellent ROI I didn’t think Space48 would be able to improve upon it but within the first few weeks our ROI increased by 25% – that is value for money!!

Having worked with Space48 for many years we have developed a trust between our two companies and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for our eCommerce needs.”

Winstanleys Pramworld Logo David Winstanley
Owner, Pramworld

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