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Ecommerce Training

Betty's Macaroons

We provide the building blocks to help your in-house teams flourish with our ecommerce training.

Are you wanting to bring your ecommerce tasks in-house but worried about the skill gap? Look no further. Our consultants offer on-hand training to bridge the gap and skill up your teams. Invest in the future of your team and online business. 

Betty's Macaroons

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Paid Social Training

Are you deciding between outsourcing your Facebook Advertising and bringing it in-house but worried about the skill gap? Look no further. Our consultants offer on-hand training across three months to bridge the gap and skill up your teams so they can own all Facebook activity. Train your teams properly, and invest in the future of your social media marketing.

Paid Ads Training

There’s tons of free training available online, we know. But still, they aren’t as hands-on as you need. They can only get you so far. You see, to really succeed with paid advertising, you need to get ‘under the hood’ and get familiar with the platforms you’ll be using every day. Space 48’s dedicated Google Ads training takes you and your teams on a practical journey through Google Ads, Bing Ads and more, with guided, applied training. Take your training to the next level. Enquire today. 

Email Training

If you’re at the stage where you’re really beginning to take email marketing seriously, you’re probably wondering what you need to know to take your campaigns to the next level. At Space 48, we deliver hands-on training to internal email marketing teams to help them exceed the businesses expectations over the performance of email marketing campaigns and make it a key pillar of their digital marketing strategy. Empower your teams today to deliver great results with our email marketing training.

Amazon Ads Training

Want to try Amazon Advertising, and have the in-house capacity, but unsure where to start? Our training programmes are designed to give you confidence with hands-on guidance and support. Invest in the future of your ecommerce and skill up your team.

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