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Website Performance Audits

Improve your online business by unlocking powerful insights with our website performance audits.

Know you want more from your Commerce Experience but not sure what? We offer comprehensive audits across channels that will delve deep into your customer’s interactions with your brand. Insights that will help you to make better decisions and thrive online.

Explore our Technical Audits services

UX Design Audit

The user experience on your website can affect sales, conversion rates and even brand reputation. Allow our team of UX and UI design specialists to perform an in-depth UX audit, gain customer research and give you actionable insights. Understand your customers and create a great experience for them.

Paid Social Audit

Your Paid Social Advertising isn’t quite reaching it’s full potential but you’re unsure why? It’s an all-too-common experience in the ecommerce industry. Let us fulfil a thorough audit of your channels to help you identify new opportunities for refinement, and for growth. See your paid social advertising through a fresh lense.

Email Marketing Audits

If you’ve been looking at the performance of your email marketing campaigns and feel that something just isn’t quite working, you may well be right. At Space 48, we carry out best practice email marketing audits to ensure that your campaigns are delivering on your expectations. Our email audits are also tailored to your specific vertical rather than just a generic set checklist of do’s and don’ts, getting into the data to understand where performance can be improved.

SEO Audits

You want to improve your Google and Bing Organic performance, namely your page ranking positions, but quickly discover that the vastness of SEO makes it difficult to know where to start. It starts with a comprehensive SEO audit from Space 48. Utilising Google Search Console & Third Party tools such as SEMrush and Moz, we’re able to identify the greatest challenges hindering your Search performance – whether than be on-page, technical or your core web vitals. Get a better view of your SEO with our SEO Audits – complete with a bespoke SEO roadmap.

Content Audits

Under-performing content and not sure why? Creating content for content sake? Not sure how your content marketing efforts are helping your performance goals? With our well-executed content audit, we deliver valuable qualitative and quantitative insights on your current performance to help you get a better ROI on your content investment.

CRO Audits

Is your CRO activity struggling to make a difference, or is your CRO platform being misused to bypass development backlogs? Our team of experts can complete bespoke CRO platform & strategy audits, to highlight key areas for improvement and provide recommendations to maximise platform use. With your CRO strategy fully focused on testing, you can push forward and make continual improvements to your site’s User Experience. 

Data & Reporting Audits

Working with a variety of data platforms and tools is not unusual for most ecommerce businesses, but we often find that most don’t know if they are set up correctly, or being used to their fullest potential. Our account audits cover various platforms relevant to your business and will provide clear recommendations and roadmaps. Our audits will ensure you are getting the most from the tools you are investing time and money in and help pave the way for further business success.

Front End Audits

GTMetrix and your Lighthouse scores aren’t where they need to be – your customers are frustrated and it’s affecting your conversion rate. Work with us to dig into your frontend performance and get you back on track to meet your objectives. 


Magento Audits

Your Magento development velocity is too slow and you aren’t shipping the features you need. We’ll dig into your codebase, tell you what’s wrong and work with you to fix the issues that are holding you back. Spend time being innovative, not installing security patches.

BigCommerce Audits

BigCommerce was meant to reduce your technical complexity but you’ve ended up spending more time fighting your integrations than you ever did on your last platform. Work with us to map out your systems, remove what you don’t need and optimize what you do. Unlock the potential of SaaS and focus on the important things.

Shopify Audits

Managing your Shopify store was meant to be easy but you’re struggling with an inflexible theme and poorly built apps. Bring us in to take a look at your setup and build a roadmap to get to a better place. Get the best out of the platform and get back to selling.

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