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We believe in a data and results-driven, strategic approach to Paid Advertising.

Paid Advertising on Google and Bing can be overwhelming, time-consuming and highly expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. We make sense of your Paid Advertising accounts with smart, optimised campaigns that utilise a full suite of services: PPC, Video, Display and Shopping Ads. Discover the full potential of Paid Advertising with our extensive range of services.

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Account Audits

You jump in to assess your Google Ads performance, and ‘meh’. Whether you have a less than satisfactory ROAS, or you simply want to cast a fresh, objective eye over your Google Ads and Bing accounts, our team are on hand to help. Go from meh to mighty with our comprehensive audits that give you a roadmap that you can either own in-house, or trust us to fulfil. 

PPC Advertising

Is your Google Ads account suffering from a lack of sales? As Google Partners, we have the trusted expertise to build out your Google Ads account to streamline your account structure and improve the profitability of your PPC advertising. Drive more people to your website or store with Google Search Ads – managed by us, your new ecommerce PPC agency. 

Shopping Ads

You’ve heard about a simple and effective way to sell on Google – Shopping Ads. But where to begin? Start with our experienced team of Google Ads specialists, as we develop smart Shopping Ads that expand the profile and commercial success of your Google activity. Acquire high quality leads with hyper-relevant, dynamic shopping ads that wow and convert customers with striking imagery and rich snippets.    

Smart Display Ads

You’re looking for new audiences, including those who don’t know they need you yet. Where haven’t you tried? Promote your business and keep top of mind with Google Display ads – delivered, optimised, and managed by our in-house marketing team. Build your brand and get your products seen by a new wave of curious shoppers on Google’s Display Network.

Youtube Advertising

After hearing that video advertising can be expensive, you remain cautious about its ability to drive sales profitably. It’s an understandable worry, one that has weight should you fail to strategise and consider how your audiences behave with your content. At Space 48, there is no activity without a robust Youtube advertising strategy. We understand how to manipulate video advertising within Google to strike a balance between spend and sales. Succeed with smart video advertising on the second biggest search engine in the world – Youtube.

Paid Advertising Training

There’s tons of free training available online, we know. But still, they aren’t as hands-on as you need. They can only get you so far. You see, to really succeed with paid advertising, you need to get ‘under the hood’ and get familiar with the platforms you’ll be using every day. Space 48’s dedicated Google Ads training takes you and your teams on a practical journey through Google Ads, Bing Ads and more, with guided, applied training. Take your training to the next level. Enquire today.

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