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April 7, 2020

How to boost ecommerce sales with immersive content (with examples)

Today, brands throughout Retail are giving significant weight to the User Experience (UX), Content and Design. The aspiration? To create digital experiences that delight – journeys that make it easy for the customer to find the right product, at the […]

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stock-photo February 8, 2019

User surveys, they’re an easy way to get started with your UX research

User research, it’s a massive job, it takes up lots of time, costs a whole heap to do and in the end, you have a bunch of woolly data that you don’t know what to do with….. WRONG.

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stock-photo June 15, 2017

Improving UX: understanding product attributes

As Magento developers, brands come to us with ecommerce websites in all sorts of different conditions. A common area in need of improvement is product attribution. Merchants must listen to customers to create the best possible browsing experience and route […]

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