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December 7, 2020

Being your second favourite app developer

Your Second Favourite BigCommerce App Developer

“I want to be people’s second favourite app developer”

That was the phrase that came out of my mouth on a call last week.

Ecommerce managers can rarely get the budget for all the bells and whistles. So I really want to help them and agencies be able to raise the bar by building a layer on top of BigCommerce with the suite of apps.


I want to be people’s second favourite BigCommerce app developer. That was the phrase that kind of came out of my mouth last week, when I was thinking about, and talking to someone around our initiative to build BigCommerce apps. It kind of sounds like a weird phrase. But really going into this, I’m thinking about what do we want to achieve over the next year. And yes, it’d be great to build the next product for e-commerce that, you know, really provides a lot of value to merchants, but I don’t have kind of grandiose ideas that I’m going to be able to bring the next Nosto or the next Klevu to market. But I do see a real need for building out the app marketplace, particularly in BigCommerce, for apps that are really going to help merchants and agencies ship great quality projects.

We all know in the agency world that it’s really hard to, kind of build projects to budget. and get everything the client wants and everything that we want to do. We want to create great solutions. And so naturally as an agency, you look to, how can we, how can you productize? How can we productize and create better themes? And you go to the marketplace for everything else. And you want to recommend best-of-breed. You want clients to be using the best machine learning technology. But naturally, e-commerce merchants and e-commerce managers can’t afford everything. Same as we can’t afford everything. And so, what do you do then?

And, that’s where I see a real need, for sort of, your second favourite app developers, when you can’t afford a Nosto for the particular thing you’re looking for, whether that be PIM, or even product recommendations, what do you do, where do you go for, where do you go to,

I’m hoping that can be where the Space 48 BigCommerce app library can come in. Building out apps that help, kind of level up what people can achieve

So yeah, this time next year, I’m going to be your second-favourite BigCommerce app developer.

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